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Angie Makes Friends - LLP0163 - EBook

Angie Makes Friends - LLP0163 - EBook

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"What's he doing here?" Doug asked Angie angrily.

"She invited me," Brad answered quickly.

"Why?" Doug asked Angie, humiliation and, rage colored his tone.

Angie was devastated by the quick turn of events. "I--I--," she faltered. She hadn't anticipated such a disastrous end.

"Why not?" Brad sneered. "You're not going to be selfish and keep all the experiences for yourself?"

Doug glared angrily at Brad; then he looked at Angie. She just stood looking back at him, with dumb black eyes. She's not even sorry for what she's done, he thought, enraged.

"Let's show him what we can do. That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" Doug shouted at her. And before she could make a protest, he picked her up and ran with her down the hall to her bedroom. Brad ran after them. Doug tore her clothes off and tore his own off and threw her on the bed. He began manipulating her naked young body. His kisses bruised her lips. She tried to keep her teeth closed but when she gasped in pain at his brutal caresses, his tongue drove in deep. It filled her mouth and she choked and fought back now he swirled his tongue around and around and in and out. And ... in spite of her revulsion of another boy watching, she could feel her body begin to get hot when he played with her breast, lightly touching the nipple.

No, no, she thought. I don't want to. Not like this! But he moved his hand down between her legs and lightly brushed up the smooth inner softness of her thighs. Desire flamed in her and her body voluntarily opened her legs. Gently he caressed her clitoris and it erected. Her excited body ignored her mind. It began writhing in answer to his touches. Her buttocks began flexing, rocking her body back and forth. She pushed her pelvis up against Doug's pelvis and felt his hardened cock slip wetly into her open vagina.

All this time, Brad watched them fascinated. He saw Doug sink his hardened rod of quivering flesh deep inside her soft hair-lined pussy. He watched it pump up and down, in and out, making an exciting wet sucking noise as it probed faster and faster. Their bodies banged into each other; their faces began to look tortured. He had never imagined anything like this! Contorted muscles, wild breathing. His cock erected and his body began to burn. He began undressing so that he would be ready to fuck this wild young chick when his time came.

Caught up in her passion, Angie pulled her legs farther back and began to grind her young excited cunt more and more wildly up against Doug's pelvis. She could feel her orgasm coming; and then Doug's body locked on hers. While her body burned in frustration, he jerked and emptied great gushing streams of hot, white cum deep up into her wildly clasping cuntal passage.

Doug collapsed on her and then rolled off, a limp heap on the bed.

"I want to try it," Brad said eagerly, grabbing the helpless girl's ankles and spreading them far apart. He looked at her vagina to see where he should ram his cock in. It was all red, open and surrounded by a tantalizing ring of soft curly pubic hair. My God, he didn't think a girl that small could have such a big hole! He dropped down between her open thighs and his large hard penis slipped in easily; an electric thrill shot through him when he felt it close wetly and snugly around the shaft. He began rocking back and forth like he'd seen Doug doing. His penis got more and more excited. He pushed harder and harder and faster and faster in her. He felt like pushing his hardened penis all the way through her until it reached up and came out of her mouth.

Angie hadn't had time to think between the time Doug had rolled off of her and the time Brad had got on. Her vagina felt full again with a penis. Passion had dulled her senses. She couldn't fight back. Naked desire ran through her body again. She began pushing up and down against Brad. She could feel his penis push in and pull out, sliding up and down against the wet, slippery sides of her vagina. The walls were engorged with blood and formed a warm tight fitting tunnel around the swollen shaft of his penis. She strained her vaginal muscles hard against Brad's impaling cock, enclosing it tightly. The walls tried to lock it in her; not to let it out. To make it go deeper and deeper into her. To swallow it. To squeeze all the pleasure and life-giving sperm completely out of it.

Brad began panting heavier and heavier. His enlarged prick banged harder and faster into her; banging into her cervix. His excitement became delirious. He could feel the semen coming; it spurted out. Each spurt sent an exquisite pleasure-pain through him. His mind became maelstrom, and then he collapsed, exhausted, over Angie.

After his breathing subsided, his mind began to work. Man! He'd never been turned on like that before. Kee-rystos. He wanted another ride on that spinning wheel.

Brad rolled off Angie onto the bed. He saw Doug sitting cross-legged on the floor. His penis arched upward, strong and hard.

"Keep her warm," Brad said. "Man, I wanna fuck that little pussy 'til she can't walk!"

But he was too tired to do anything now; he couldn't wait for that feeling to pass and he wanted another joy ride between those long hot legs.

Doug didn't say anything. When he'd recovered from his orgasm, he'd found himself watching Brad working over Angie, his slim muscular buttocks pumping hard between her widespread thighs. The sight had sickened and repelled him. He'd tried to turn away, not to look, but he'd found he wasn't strong enough. The sight of the tortured faces, the sweating, straining bodies, the hardened flesh of Brad's cock sinking into the soft, hair-lined mouth of her cunt, fascinated him. He'd felt his own excitement return again; his penis erected. When Brad told him to keep Angie warm he thought, why not? What's done is done. No sense going home burning.

Doug got up and climbed onto the bed. He could see Angie's whole naked crotch and thighs glistening with male sperm and sexual fluids. Her vulvar lips were grossly swollen; the inner lips were bright red. Her vagina was engorged; the hole open and dark. What strange forbidden pleasures lurked there!

He slid his penis into the lubricated tunnel; he could feel the vaginal walls close around it like warm, melted butter. His penis felt hotter. As his passion mounted, his mind turned off, killing his conscience. His mind told him he shouldn't do this but his body wouldn't stop. His penis felt too excited to stop. He began slooping his hardened, slightly curved shaft in and out of her. She lay unresisting under him, moaning all the while. His passion mounted and he fucked her harder and he felt her body respond. They rocked together wildly, pushing against each other harder and harder, straining muscles, fighting for breath.

Angie's body burned with unreleased tension. The boys had reached their orgasms but they hadn't waited for her to reach hers. Maybe she would this time. She pulled back her legs and pushed her naked pubic mound hard up against Doug. His cock sunk all the way into her cunt, pinioning her cervix. The semen began to burn within his shaft and then without warning, exploded! Like volcanic tongues of searing pleasure it spewed from his penis, erupting in the hungrily milking walls of her vagina. His mind tripped out. He tried to hold the pleasure-pain--to make it last--but too soon it burned out in short sputtering jets of cum. He collapsed, panting.

"Get off. I'm ready," Brad ordered.

Brad stood by the bed, avidly watching them, a cruel smile playing on his lips. His distended penis engorged with blood, pointing in the air.

Weakly, Doug rolled off Angie's body. "Can't you let her rest a moment? She looks tired."

"I'll be easy on her," Brad said.

He enjoyed looking at Angie's inert naked body spread out obscenely on the bed. Her head was thrown back, her arms and legs spread-eagled. Her fists were clenched. Her vulvar lips and vagina abnormally swollen; her vagina flowered open and oozing white, trickling semen. He shoved Doug aside and threw himself between her legs. His monstrous penis squeezed into the waiting pink cunt; the tight fit gave his penis an exquisite jolt of pleasure. His body began to undulate on top of her. His excitement mounted and he strained and fucked into her brutally.

By this time Angie's mind had long ago turned off. She could no longer think, only feel. And her body felt only one thing--a burning sexual excitement that was never satisfied. The burning had lost all of its pain; it had only pleasure left. Her vulvar area burned and burned and burned, but she couldn't reach an orgasm.

For a moment her body felt light and free and her vagina unpressured. Then she felt a leaden penis worm its way inside again and tease up and down against her throbbing vaginal walls. Her vagina felt too full. The huge penis pulled the soft fleshy walls in and out with it. Each push and pull was beautiful. The movements began to go faster and faster, turning each little individual moan into one long scream. She cried out helplessly for fulfillment. Her mind became blurry, but she was aware that the ejaculate was spraying her vagina and she was sorry that the penis would shrivel and become soft and disappear.

Brad cried out in ecstasy and his body went limp and heavy on hers too soon. He rolled off.

"Your turn," Brad said to Doug.

"Let's stop now. She really looks out of it." Doug objected.

"I don't care whether you want to or not," Brad said savagely. "Just keep her hot for me. I want to fuck her again."

Doug felt pity for Angie in such a distorted position. Her face had a dreamy, almost unconscious smile. She kept her legs pulled back, her pelvis arched upward, displaying her tight, hair-lined cuntal lips, her red, gaping vaginal opening, waiting for the next hardened cock.

Doug could see that Brad meant what he said and was afraid of what Brad would do to Angie if he didn't fuck her now.

Doug crawled between her legs and slid his partly-erect penis into the waiting vagina. It's slipping warm walls pressed tightly against his cock, as if to squeeze out the semen, and stimulated his penis to a full erection. A breath caught in his throat when his penis started burning. Automatically, his whole body started working over her, pushing in and out. He could feel his penis pull the walls out and push them back in. He pressed deeper and deeper, faster and faster, trying to stimulate the trigger that would shoot the semen into her.

Brad sat close by, fondling his slippery flaccid penis in his hands. Angie's tortured face stirred his desire but Doug's exertions, the flexing muscles in his buttocks, his penis pulling in and out of sight, his loud gasping pants, his contorted face, fed his sexual excitement even more. Gently he tickled the head of his penis as he watched Doug's body writhe grotesquely over Angie's body. Soon he felt his penis perk up in his hands. He cupped a hand over the shaft and rubbed back and forth, sliding it faster and faster. Gradually his penis enlarged and hardened in his hands. He was ready for the next trip. He could hardly wait for Doug to stop.

Brad could see that Doug was near his climax. His long body pushes shortened and quickened. His penis pulled out of the vagina less and less. He could see Doug's body make the last anguished push into her and his whole body stiffened and held. Doug had her pinned down to the mattress like a butterfly and Brad could imagine the feel of his semen squirting into her--each spurt a delicious agony.

He stood up ready to go. When Doug's body collapsed, he pushed it off of Angie's body. A triumphant feeling rose in him as he surveyed her exhausted, but still unfulfilled body. Her arched pelvis, glistening of semen and sexual lubrication, excited him. He ran his fingers lightly up her inner thighs and wormed a finger deep up in her vagina.

Angie groaned and tried to pull her legs back further to accommodate the entering penis.

"Good girl," he said gloatingly. He climbed onto her body and rammed his engorged penis into her. The tunnel felt smaller than the last time, but the tighter pressure of the walls on his penis stimulated him more. Each push of his cock was doubly exciting because of the pressure. He pushed into her as hard as he could. He couldn't wait for involuntary rhythm to start. He pounded into her unmercifully, yanking his penis all the way out only to push it in harder and deeper. The shaft brushed sensuously against her abnormally distended vaginal walls.

Angie moaned at each forward thrust. His penis felt like a rock, pounding into her, brushing her walls with each push and scraping her with each pull.

Brad paid no attention to her exhausted moans. He rode her as hard as he could: beating his penis against her cervix. His buttocks flexed and forcibly pressed his penis straighter and deeper into her vagina. The loud wet sucking sounds emitted when he pulled his cock out spurred him on. He pressed faster and deeper, his body pounding on top of hers. The end of his penis hardened and burned. It strove to fuse with her belly. Brad ground his body down harder and harder between Angie's widespread legs.

Now Angie was groaning continually.

At last his climax came--he could feel the ejaculate coming. His body contracted regularly and fast and the exquisite sensations as the ejaculate spurted into her. His mind whirled in the sensation; it encompassed his whole body, and then it melted away.

Brad rolled off Angie's body and flopped limply on the bed beside her. After he had recovered somewhat he was surprised to see Doug dressed, sitting on a chair, observing him.

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