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Checks and money orders are also acceptable methods of sending payment.

Please make your payments payable to: Paul Jimerson
and send your payment to:

Paul Jimerson
59498 Thompson Street
Lacombe LA 70445-3638

If you have any questions you can call 1-415-756-0673 or send a fax to 1-440-848-1514.

Sending cash in the mail is not recommended. We have reason to believe that mail is routinely being scanned by people looking for cash. Some of my mail has even been opened ... just enough to determine if the envelope held cash or if the money order inside had been addressed yet or not. So, please do not send cash and be sure to address a money order before you mail it.

Regarding the shipping charge for orders placed on this website, there is none. Every item sold on this website is an ebook, a digitally formatted version of the book, a computer file that you download yourself once you have completed the checkout process. So your orders do not arrive in the mail, you will NEVER receive any snail mail (the kind in an envelope with stamp) from us.

Once you have submitted payment you should see a page summarizing your order. That order summary contains the download links you can use immediately to download your order. To do so click on the Download Button that appears below each ebook listed in the order summary. The download links are valid for only 48 hours after you complete checkout so please be sure to download your ebooks without delay.

The download links are also included in an automated email that is sent to your email address right after you complete the payment process. If you do not see the email in your Inbox after a reasonable time you should check to make sure the email hasn't been mistakenly put into your Spam folder.

If you created an account for yourself and placed orders when you were logged in with that account you can obtain the download links in a third manner.

- First log in with the same username and password you regularly use.
- Then click on the My Account link on the right side of the page.
- You will now see several tabs including one to search your Order History.
- Click on the Order History tab, then click on the Search button. You don't need to specify any search terms. Clicking Search will bring up a list of every order you have placed on my website while logged in with your current account. Orders placed within the previous 48 hours will have the download links showing when you examine the order details. Just below each ebook in the order details page will be a Download button.

Please be sure to download your ebooks without delay. The download links are valid only for 48 hours after they are created but if you missed the opportunity to download your ebooks all is not lost. If you send me an email request to custserv@adultbookcovers.net or contact me via the Contact Us page I can renew the download links for any order in my system giving you another 48 hours to complete the downloading of your order.

Please feel free to send email or to inquire via the Contact Us page if you have any un-addressed questions. Thank You,

Paul Jimerson
Sole Proprietor