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The Reluctant Couple - LLP0167 - EBook

The Reluctant Couple - LLP0167 - EBook

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"I'm going to take it out now," Cindy panted into his face. "I want to hold your big thing in my hand, honey."

"Jesus Christ, Cindy -- " he wheezed.

"It's all right, honey, don't worry."

"What about Marc? What about my wife...?"

"They can't see us from where they are," Cindy moaned. "Just relax, honey, relax and enjoy it."

Dexterously, her fingers slid upward to pull back the waistband of his trunks, back and down until his blood-raged member burst out and into the warm palm of her hand. She held it claspingly for a moment, making little animal sounds of abandoned joy deep in her throat, and then she began to stroke it gently, pushing the foreskin back, running her fingernails along the base of his cock, along the bloated sac of his balls. Roger felt the exquisite thrill of her manipulations bursting through his body, and suddenly he didn't care any more; he didn't care if Cord saw them, or if Diane saw them, or if the whole goddamned world saw them. The only thing that mattered was Cindy, luscious, beautiful, desirable Cindy with her hand playing with his genitals under the water...

"Slide your trunks down all the way, honey," Cindy breathed. "Hurry!"

He obeyed mindlessly, pulling them down as fast as he could. She cupped his balls in her hand now, rubbing them back and forth, squeezing them very gently, making the cum build hot and explosive in his scrotum. He looked down at her hand through the wavy translucence of the water, watching her, reveling in the searing sensations of lewd enchantment. Suddenly, he saw her tug at the bottom of her own suit, pushing it down to expose the dark black silky triangle of her pubic mound, down over her bronzed thighs. And then she was moving forward, guiding him toward the edge of pool with her hand on his cock, turning so that her back was pressed against the tile lip.

"Do you want to fuck me, Roger, honey?" she whispered against his ear. "Do you want to put your cock in my cunt?"

"Yes!" he moaned. "Yes, yes!"

"All right, baby, all right."

She leaned back against the tile, bracing her body against it, bringing her legs up through the water and spreading them to encircle his waist. Then she steered his cock to her until he felt the swollen head touch the pubic hair and soft butter-like lips of her cunt. She moved the head up and down along her pink slit, undulating her hips in the water in a circular motion as she locked her legs tighter about him.

"Do you want me to put it in now?" she teased.

"Yes, goddamn it, put it in, put it in!"

As if in obeyance, she thrust herself forward, skewering herself on his gigantic rod, burying it almost to the hilt in the warm, lubricious folds of her pussy. He gasped, and she gasped simultaneously, her hips still rotating, her hands coming up to grip him under the arms.

"Jesus Christ!" he said. "Oh Jesus Christ, Cindy!"

"Fuck me!" she hissed against his ear. "Roger honey, fuck me, fuck me!"

He dropped his hands to the quivering, oscillating moons of her buttocks, his fingers digging into the hot flesh. He began to fuck into her with long, hard lunges that received a momentum from the very depths of his toes. He felt an absolute power take hold of him in that moment, and he kneaded her ass with sadistic delectation. Harder and harder he drove his burgeoning shaft into her cunt, feeling her skewered on him in total subjection. He could feel the soft fleshy ridges deep inside her giving way before the relentless onslaught of his rampaging masculinity.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned against his ear, breathing liquid fire into the orifice. "Aaaaaa gggggghhhhhh, that's it, honey, that's ittttttttt!"

He strained his cock forward with all the strength of his hips and thighs, reveling in the forbidden act of which he was a part, deriving further sensations of lasciviousness from the knowledge of the nearness of his wife and his future boss. Oh God, oh Jesus, she was great, Cindy was beautiful, she was the best fuck he had ever had...!

She was moaning softly, incoherently now, her smooth velvety legs enveloping his waist in a death grip, her hips churning the water around them. The satiny folds of her vagina held him, squeezing tightly around his rigid column, milking it already of its first tentative dribblings of seminal lubrication. He knew she could feel every inch, every muscle and curve of his prick as she screwed her buttocks up tight against his pelvis. The bloated sac of his sperm-laden balls was pressed hard into the wet, wide- stretched crevice below her vaginal lips, and the soft, hair- covered skin danced maddeningly against the sensitive outer rings of her tiny, working anus. Shivers of wanton delight made her fuck him even harder, even more wildly.

There was nothing else in the world, the universe, for Roger at that very moment. He didn't see Marc and Diane stand in unison at the white metal table in the grotto, he didn't see her waver unsteadily, he didn't see Cord take her arm with a sly backward glance lead her toward the sun porch. Even if he had seen that, he wouldn't have cared. The only thing that existed for Roger Slater then was the boiling, surging flood of hot cum which was only seconds away from eruption in his ballooned testicles.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh yessssssss, fuck it hard, baby, fuck it hard, fuck it hard, give it to meeeeeee!" Cindy wailed into his ear, her hips like a separate entity now, an entity gone mad as she twisted and contorted, opening her legs around his waist, squeezing them closed, endeavoring to ingest even more of his pistoning shaft into her belly.

Suddenly, she cried out, "Ohhhhh, God, baby, I'm ... almost there, I'm ... yes, yessssss, yessssssssss, aaaaaagggggggghhhhhh!"

Her body heaved toward his as the first delicious throes of her orgasm rocketed through her, spurring him on, locking him in. In that moment, he felt his own cum boil over, explode along the passage within his cock and burst from the widened opening in the glans like a volcanic eruption, flooding her inner cunt walls, the very core of her rapidly undulating belly, with surge after surge of the fiery white semen. She was mewling with total surrender, total lust-satiation, urging him incoherently never to stop filling her cunt with his wonderful hot seeds...

Finally he collapsed forward against her, pushing her back against the tiled edge of the pool. His prick began to deflate then, and slid out of her, trailing long sinuous strands of his cum like thin white sea kelp from her cunt. She stroked his face, smothering it with hot moist kisses. "Oh Christ, Roger, baby!" she breathed. "It was great, wasn't it? I just knew it would be!"

"Yes ... yes, it was," Roger muttered. Half dazed by the tumultuous fucking he had just given, and in turn received, his eyes strayed dimly toward the grotto. For the first time, he saw that it was empty. "Diane ...?" he began. "Where did she and Marc ...?"

Cindy reached down to stroke his now flaccid prick gently. "Don't worry about them, honey. They're inside the house, where they can't see us."

Numbly, Roger nodded. It didn't occur to him in the aftermath of his satiated flesh to inquire why his wife and Marc Cord had gone into the house. Even now, the only thing that seemed to matter was this wild, wanton woman he had just screwed.

Cindy said, "Come on, honey, let's get out of the pool and go lie in the sun."

"What for?" he asked.

She laughed softly. "Because I think I can get you another hard-on, that's why. You'd like to fuck again, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," he answered. "God, yes!"

"If you're a good boy," Cindy giggled, rubbing his deflated penis lightly with the tips of her fingers, "I might even suck you off. Would you like me to suck your big cock, Roger?"

He felt his limp prick give a convulsive leap at the sound of her words, come half-erect again in her hand. She kissed him passionately. "See?" she said. "I told you I could make it hard again."

He heard himself say the words he was then thinking, "Oh Christ, Cindy, I want to lick your cunt. I want to lick your cunt while you suck my cock!"

Her hand tightened on him. "Then let's go!" she said, and, still holding onto his genitals, she led him to the tile steps at the shallow end of the pool.

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