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Unwilling To Swap by Mark Winterhalter - Ebook

Unwilling To Swap by Mark Winterhalter - Ebook

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At twenty-eight, she had been a free-lance copyeditor and proofreader in San Francisco since her graduation from State College in Maryland. She had come from a small town nearby, in the coal-mining district. Her father was a local neer-do-well, who drank heavily; her mother was a long-suffering hypochondriac who was also known to drink more often than she should. She was an only child, and her early years were fraught with terrifying scenes of drunken rampages, of fighting against her father, of running away from home time after time. She knew from the time she was seven that her primary impulse was to get away from that dark, poverty-stricken environment. She was going to educate, herself and move to the city, preferably San Francisco, where, she felt, she might live a better kind of life. She had laboriously worked to win a scholarship to State, and then worked nights as a waitress to pay her way and finally give her enough for the long awaited move to San Francisco.

Claudia's mind fastened on Bill Felton as she returned to the present, her hands moving sensuously across the broad, muscular shoulders of this highly attractive man. When she had first seen him, only minutes earlier, she had been drawn to him at once; his slim, well-developed body, his thick curly brown hair, the chiseled Grecian features of his face, and the full male sensuality of his lips had attracted her immediately. In all her years of experience with editors he was definitely a rarity. Most of the men she had to deal with were crude older men, or pompous, self-confident playboys. And in North Beach, where she had lived since her arrival in San Francisco, the men were rough and often egotistical artists or laborers. But this man with the warm, intelligent face, the lean athletic body, was uniquely exciting to jier. Even in his business suit he seemed to exude a solid masculinity combined with an appealing sensitivity. Despite the wedding band on his left hand, which, she knew, might mean trouble, despite any objections and reservations she usually had with getting involved with employers and married men, she found herself becoming increasingly excited as she moved her hands across his upper back, and then let her fingers tangle themselves in the dark, curly hair that set off his handsome face so beautifully. She smiled inwardly; she knew there were some who might object to her attitude, but she scoffed at the rigid moralities that most men and women lived by. She knew it made them frightened and angry! She made it a rule to take her pleasure where she found it! Her hands began to rove down across the sculptured, muscular chest that felt enticing to her through the white, crips material of his shirt. She let her linger flick lightly between the buttons of his shirt, touching the warmly naked skin beneath. As Bill felt her hands move down across his chest, he could sense his body responding to her sensual gestures. At first he fought the feeling, but that was quickly dashed away in the first, warm, luxuriant wave of excitement that coursed through him at her sure touch. His large, pulsing rod was already stiff with lust; he could feel it straining, eager to be free of the confines of his trousers. Then suddenly, instinctively, he reached up and touched the luxurious folds of her thick, silky hair. As his heart began to beat faster and faster, he wound his fingers shamelessly through the abundant strands. It was as if he had unleashed a hidden tide of passion, for he was now overcome with the desire to crush this svelte beauty to him, to press his lips against her own.

"Claudia," he heard himself whispering, "Claudia ..."

A carnal need ripped through his genitals, and his body was suddenly hot ... flushed with a kind of lewd sensuality.

"Oh, Bill..." she sighed, flicking her tongue lightly into his ear and making him shudder with pleasure.

He felt her slim fingers move down the front of his shirt and delicately begin to probe at the bulging, excited hardness between his legs. Then, suddenly, he rose; an anxious feeling of resistance had suddenly returned.

"Claudia, look..."

"What's wrong," she asked, her glittering eyes gazing steadily into his, her lips parted in a warm, seductive smile. "Don't you want me?"

Bill was completely off guard. The boldness of this girl was something he had never confronted before. Most of the women he knew were either girlish, shy, and very reserved, like his wife, or cool and bitchy. But now he was face to face with a woman who did not function by the normal code of restraint and subtlety he was used to.

"It's not that..." he said ... "It's just that..."

"It's just that you're married."


"Well," she said, softly, "I don't mind if you don't."

His heart began to pound in his chest; a light film of perspiration broke out on his forehead. The tips of his fingers began to grow cold. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She seemed to radiate sensuality and a promise of wild excitement, an excitement that Bill rarely allowed himself to experience. His body was trembling with desire, his long cock throbbed excitedly. He wanted to fuck her. Fuck her in a way he had never fucked a woman before.

"Well... if you don't want to," she said, moving towards the door as if to go.

"Wait," he called, watching her sensuous hips swaying under the little bright yellow miniskirt.

She turned to him, her eyes dancing.

"Yes?" she asked.

The deep, unspoken passion that flew between them linked them now like a winding iron chain; they began to move slowly towards each other, drawn hypnotically by the strength of their hot needs. Claudia seemed to float as she moved, each step accentuating the dreamy curves of her ripely voluptuous body. They were almost touching now, and instinctively they both stopped. This was the point of no return, to go further, they knew, would start a chain reaction that neither of them could stop. Then with a groan, Bill suddenly reached out and grabbed her supple shoulders, so beautifully delineated by the white Jersey sweater. Then-bodies clung together as they kissed deeply. Claudia's lips felt soft and pliant against Bill's,, tentatively, he let his wetly quivering tongue explore the warm sweetness of her mouth, pushing between the parted lips to flick lightly over the teeth. Claudia opened her mouth fully, almost wantonly, inviting him to penetrate her as deeply as he wished. He pushed his tongue into the moist interior of her mouth, playfully duelling with her tongue, pushing almost to the back of her throat. He French-kissed her harshly, almost cruelly, liking the lewd feeling it engendered in his hungry, lust-tightened loins.

"Well... well... well." the girl said, pulling away and gasping for breath.

An implacable carnal excitement surged through Bill as, quickly, he moved to the door of the office and locked it. He disconnected the intercom, making sure there would be no interruptions. He wanted to fuck her now, and nothing was going to stop him from taking her right there in the office. All thoughts of his wife, together with any feelings of guilt or anxiety, were swept away in the torrent of sensuality that consumed him. He walked slowly towards her, his hot eyes roving greedily over her incredibly supple body. The thought that she was almost too god-damned beautiful and seductive to be true. But yet here she was, just as eager to get laid as he! Bill swept her ripe young body into his arms and kissed her again, deeply and hungrily, his lips crushed brutally against hers.

Claudia returned his kiss with equal fervor, and held him tightly, reveling in the feeling of his lean, hard body. She tingled as his warmly wet lips began to kiss her neck, her face, while his hands caressed her shining chestnut hair. Voraciously, she plunged her little red tongue deeply between his lips and dropped her hand down between their two bodies, letting her fingers search his trousers until she felt the massively throbbing bulge of his thick rigid penis. With gentle fingers, she began to massage it skillfully, feeling the long shaft and thick, bulbous head straining with desire beneath the fabric of his trousers. Moments later, her other hand slid down and began weighing and playing with his lust-swollen testicles through his pants.

Joining the game, Bill's hands quickly tugged at the bottom of her sweater and then moved boldly up between the cloth and her soft warm flesh. He carefully caressed the area just above her shoulder blades ... a spot which, he knew, was highly and erotically sensitive for all women. He felt his hot need for the girl growing even stronger as he caressed the velvety smoothness of her back. Then, he moved his hands around to cup the softly fleshed orbs of her large firm breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm ..." she sighed, as he gently massaged the resilient spheres. His fingers brushed lightly over the tips, and they stiffened even further to stand erect under his touch.

Without warning, Claudia unzipped the trousers of his pants, and reached in to worm her fingers through the opening of his shorts and put her warm hands on his stiffly throbbing spear. Carefully, as though she were handling a fantastic work of art, she eased the long, heatedly pulsating cock out and expertly moved back the protective foreskin, exposing the pinkish swollen head which she began to tease with her fingers, sending shudders of wanton excitement rippling through the editor's body.

"Ooooooohhhhhh," he moaned, as she skillfully rolled .the thick pulsing flesh between her fingers.

With equal adeptness, Bill slipped his hand under the girl's miniskirt and into the tight elastic crotch band of her panties. Quickly his hand found the moistly hot crevice up between her legs, and his fingers began to explore the warm layers of flesh nestled in the curling strands of pubic hair. He traced the entire length of the wet furrow, from the quivering bud of her clitoris at the top to the softly inviting entrance of her vagina down below. He slipped the tip of his outstretched middle finger into the warm passage, gently widening the opening, moving deeper and deeper accompanied by her loud moans of excitement.

Consumed with wild desire as she felt his finger slipping into her vaginal sheath, Claudia suddenly bit his earlobe sending a searing tingling flash of pain through him. At first Bill was angered by her savagery, but he quickly realized that the pain was wildly exciting and it actually seemed to increase his hot hunger for her voluptuous young body. Feeling a new surge of lust consume him, he quickly rammed his finger to the hilt - all the way into the hotly clasping depths of her pussy.

"Ooooooohhhh, God..." she groaned, "that's just the way I like it."

In his wildest dreams, Bill had never imagined he would find a woman like this! Here was someone who didn't shrink away from brazen sexual contact, who actually craved it! She returned his advances with an ardor and passion that stimulated him beyond anything he had ever known possible. She began to twist her hips against his finger, opening her pussy as wide as possible to admit him entrance, all the while massaging and stroking his huge, iron-hard cock and balls. Bill surrendered completely to the torrid feelings that washed over him.

They kissed again, their tongues mingling shamelessly as they openly caressed each other's genitals. His mind reeling and unable to wait any longer, Bill pulled his hands free and began quickly to remove her clothes. He slipped the jersey over her head, fully exposing the large, firmly rounded breasts. How incredible she looked, he thought, standing there in her tight miniskirt and leather belt, her naked breasts rising and falling with the tides of her passion.

Smiling at liis undisguised look of admiration, Claudia quickly slipped off his tie and undid his shirt, pulling it off, throwing it on the carpet next to her sweater. She ran her hands over the curling hair of his chest, and across the rippling, wavy muscles of his stomach.

"Nice..." she said, her eyes bright with pleasure.

Slowly she unhitched her wide belt and let it drop to the floor, then slid off her boots and unzipped her miniskirt, which she lowered very ... very ... slowly. Gracefully, she stepped out of the short garment and put it too in the pile of discarded clothes. Seeing her nakedly standing there clad in only her black bikini panties, Bill suddenly found it difficult to breathe; her lusty young body was sculptured perfection, white soft, and firm. His cock, already swollen with excitement, stiffened even more, and for one wildly improbable moment he thought he would cum just from looking at her. The girl's eyes never left his face as, with a lewd smile, she slipped off her panties, exposing the little triangle of softly curling hair between her legs.

She moved towards Bill and reached out, unbuckling his belt. He stood there, trembling like a wild stallion unaccustomed to feeling human hands, as Claudia removed his pants and undershorts. In a few moments, he was completely divested of clothes and she gazed admiringly at his nakedly powerful body.

"You're beautiful," she said, her voice husky with desire.

"You are too... " he replied, his eyes roaming every lush curve, every shadowy inviting crevice of her voluptuous body.

Seeing Bill naked, he reminded the girl of an Olympic runner in pictures she had seen of ancient Greece. She could imagine him running through the country side, completely nude, his long penis and balls wildly dancing beneath him. She moved into him, her hands greedily clasping his hard muscled body as she ran her hands over his shoulders, his hips, and thighs... before grasping the huge, hotly pulsating shaft of flesh between his legs. She was shaking with excitement.

"Oh... I want you," she cried. "Please? I want you to fuck me now!"

Quickly the girl squatted, then lay down full length on the floor of the office; the thick carpet, which pressed against her naked buttocks, intensified her passion, and- its rich texture sent erotic shivers tingling through her body. Without hesitation, Bill knelt between her widespread legs and placed his massively throbbing cock against the warmly moistened lips of her cunt. Slowly, savoring every hot shiver of delight than ran through him, he pushed his lust-engorged penis into the heatedly pulsating vaginal slit, feeling the warmth sliding over the head of his cock and then slowly moving-down his fleshy staff.

Claudia "closed her eyes and groaned in ecstasy. "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh ... you feel so good. Sooooooooo Goooooooood!"

With one smooth thrust, the editor slid deeply into her, deeper, deeper, deeper up into her belly until finally the swollen cock-head brushed against the tip of her spongy cervix. Arching perfectly over her, with most of his weight on his knees and elbows, he began to stroke slowly in and out of her hotly clasping cunt, with his rock-hard cock moving snugly against the tight ensheathing walls of her pussy. God, he thought with amazement, how he loved to feel the sensitive coronal ridge of his cock-head slipping up and down her tight little cunt! He pulled out so that only the tip was concealed in the throbbing furrow, then, with a groan, he plunged in again deeply as the girl mewled and writhed beneath him in pleasure. He repeated this over and over, increasing his tempo as he went. Claudia began to move her pelvis up and down in perfect rhythm with his motions, her hot vaginal walls clasping hungrily at his pumping ramrod. She felt her muscles relaxing and her pussy opening like a flowering lotus to receive his huge pole of rigid flesh, as she slowly ... almost as if in slow motion ... wrapped her long slender legs around his naked buttocks.

Bill was experiencing an intense new kind of freedom that was carrying him to realms of sensuality he had never known before! His mind churned with a turbulence of introspection. I'm actually screwing a fabulously beautiful woman right here on the carpet in my office! God! I'd never think of doing this under any circumstances! But it feel so good! So god-damned exciting, so great, that I just don't give a shit! I'd fuck her any place! I've held back so long with Myrna.. . poor timid Myrna, poor frigid unhappy bitch of a wife, Myrna I always had to be gentle with her, like a fragile doll, and always had to keep a firm hold over any deeper, wilder urges that I felt. But now with this sexy little bitch of a Claudia Bentley lying nakedly here beneath me ... trying her damnest to out-fuck me ... I'm a man again! He felt exultant, and he drove himself into a frenzy of sexual abandonment as he slammed his huge, heatedly throbbing cock into her hot, receptive little cunt.

"Oh, baby, I'm going to fuck you! FUCK YOU!"

"Yeeeeeessssss! Do it!" she cried out in reply, "YEEEEEESSSSSSS!"

Every muscle in Bill's body moved with precision, as his sperm-bloated balls slapped loudly against her straining, upturned buttocks with each powerful thrust into her pussy. They were both moaning loudly, sobbing in sexual delirium, when suddenly there was a shrill ringing noise shattered the hot vortex of throbbing excitement. It was the phone, jangling noisily.

He stopped stroking in and out of her heatedly quivering cunt and looked up toward the instrument.

"No! NO, BILL!" Claudia said hoarsely, her eyes wild with excitement. "Keep going! Don't stop now! Don't stop no matter what!"

Totally revived by her blazing encouragement, he began to batter her pussy like a ramming bull. The telephone could go to hell! The magazine could go to hell! Everyone could to to hell! The only thing that mattered was fucking this hotly squirming woman, fucking her wonderfully adept pussy, and bringing them both to an explosive climax at the same time. He pumped his pelvis violently, his enormous prick driving into her with incredible force and hardness.

"Aaaaggghhh!" he cried triumphantly.

He screwed her without mercy, his hard muscular buttocks bobbing up and down, his long thick cock swollen to the bursting point, slicing into her mercilessly.

"AAAAAAANNNNNNNGGGGGGG HHHHHHH!" Claudia screamed, reveling in the brutal strokes she received. This was just how she liked it! The harder he drove into her, the more she wanted! She felt free and totally alive! It was meetings like this that gave her life meaning! She loved the feeling of his iron-hard prick tearing at her, plunging along the widening, shuddering walls of her hotly impatient pussy. She moaned with delight as he began to suck and bite her nipples, piercing her with little sparks of pleasure.

"Yeeeeeesssss! Ooooohhhhh, Jesus, yeeeeessss!" she cried.

Bill was charged to the full extent of his manhood now; he felt he was at last getting the kind of release he had been unconsciously looking for all his life. He smote her like god of old, ramming his driving cock into her wetly pulsing vagina, that opened greedily to receive all of his gift. Abruptly, he felt his restless seed begin to surge and gather in his loins. His lust-swollen testicles, slapping at her softly fleshed anal crack, began to bulge with white hot cum, and he redoubled his efforts to bring her to climax with him.

Claudia felt the change in him, and at the same time she, herself, was bathed in a new exultancy, the throbbing in her cuntal sheath seemed to increase, as rhapsodic waves of pleasure shot through her craving loins with tingles of wanton delight. She ground her naked young body up against his rigidly long shaft and cried out in pleasure as the first powerful surges of her orgasm hit her.

"AAAAIIEE . . . AAAHHHH . . . AHHH . . . " she screamed, I'M CU ... CU ... CUMMINGGG!"

Bill, too, was at the bursting point, overwhelmed with the wildly thrilling sensations shooting through his entire body. His lust-engorged penis was ready to explode with cum ... and, suddenly, the moment came and passed ... and his massively pulsating cock was spewing spurt after spurt of hot semen deep into her wetly clasping cunt.

Claudia's belly was flodded with a warmly exciting wetness which spread its thrilling heat throughout her body as her long, slenderly tapered legs and pelvis thrashed wildly. Her own heated cuntal juices flowed freely as she was suddenly plunged into a turbulent ocean of joy ...consumed in an ecstatic rush of orgasm, floating on wave upon wave of pure pleasure. Closing her eyes, she imagined she was lost in a universe of pulsing whiteness, as his hot male essence spurted deeply into her vaginal cave, setting off new and even more powerful explosions of sensuality.

Releasing himself fully, ejaculating wantonly into this excitingly voluptuous woman that he had met barely an hour ago, gave Bill an incredible sense of power and erotic freedom that he had always denied himself. He poured his thick stream of cum into her wildly milking pussy, in a manner never possible with his wife, his eyes glazed over in a lewd joy. He emptied himself triumphantly, knowing as he did so that never before had he ever delivered such fantastic release.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" he groaned as the last of his manly essence drained into her. "Oooooooohhhh..."

Claudia could feel the flow of her own female juices ebbing away as, bit by bit, the turbulence of orgasm diminished. Bill showed his pumping motion and soon stopped, his long glistening cock pulling gently out of her overflowing pussy with a soft "plopping" noise. Then he lay next to her on the luxurious carpeting, spent and exhausted, breathing heavily ... but happy.

Claudia closed her eyes, savoring the sweet, warm radiance that wafted through her.

"I've got it!" Bill exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. "I know which picture to use for the cover."

"You do?" Claudia asked, lazily, somewhat puzzled by what he meant.

"Yep! The Ginsberg photo. I haven't been able to make up my mind all week." He lay back on the carpet, smiling contentedly. "Thanks. And by the way, take all the time you want with those manuscripts!"

"Who knows," she said, her eyes twinkling, "it could take months."

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