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LLP0395 - Corrupted Innocence by Benton Collier - Ebook

LLP0395 - Corrupted Innocence by Benton Collier - Ebook

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The two had been drinking together and talking for over two hours, mostly about their usual subject of-mutual interest: Sex. It was almost, but not quite, an argument between them.

"What do you mean, you raunchy old bastard," Gary Barton demanded in indignation.

"I mean at my age, I can still fuck better and longer than you can," the club manager told his son with a note of superiority in his voice. "That little redhead, for instance -- she obviously got something from me that you couldn't give her. She was so turned on you wouldn't believe it."

Fuming silently for a long moment, exasperated by his father's bragging, the handsome young man finally had a brainstorm.

"There's only one way to settle this thing," he proclaimed, unwilling to allow his father to run down his virility and capacity for turning on women.

"And how's that?" Mike Barton asked the blond-haired youth. The older man was only half-joking - he remembered how impatient he himself had been at his son's age, and it was years before he'd learned to get the most out of a piece of ass by making sure the girl was worked up as much as he was before shooting off into her. Before that, he had always satisfied himself first and to hell with the girl.

"Well have to fuck her.. .both at the same time ... take turns at her. Then well see who gets the best performance... and who can go on the longest," Gary said. It would be the first time they had ever shared the same girl in this way. Sure, many times the same girl had been screwed by them both, but not in the same room at the same time with one of them watching the other go at it.

The idea immediately appealed to Gary's father. His eyes lit up with a little lustful glow, and he smacked his lips in anticipation. It had been a long time since he'd been in on a gang bang, even though this would be a small one, and the prospect excited him. "You're on," he blurted out, raising a toast with his glass. He gulped the rest of the Scotch and slammed the empty glass down. "You better start resting up right now for the big event. We don't want you getting worn out before we even get started."

"Shit!" Gary spat back, "If anybody gets worn out, it ain't gonna be me." He grinned back at his father with an equally obscene gleam in his eye.

"I'll try to set it up for next Saturday night. There's plenty of help in the club, and we can both get away."

The lewdly anticipatory glances they exchanged were like Dorian Gray looking in the mirror. Young Gary Barton saw in his father himself as an older man, still lecherous as ever. It was a nice future to look forward to.

While Mike Barton and his son were laying their plans, a silver Ferrari was racing over a torturous road in the hills above the country club. Although the road was dangerous, the speedometer rarely dropped under ninety miles an hour, and Andrea Wade in the passenger's seat sat terrified, her wide-open green eyes staring at the ribbon of asphalt unwinding so rapidly before them. Beside her at the wheel was the president of the Mariposa Country Club, Boyd Donovan, concentrating as well as he could on the road. He held a fifth of bourbon between his legs, and from time to time, he lifted it to his lips before passing it over to Andrea. By now she was becoming accustomed to drinking so that it no longer tasted bad to her, but she still got drunk very fast, losing both coordination and control over herself.

Upon reaching a short straight stretch of road, Boyd Donovan took a sidelong glance at his passenger that quickly encompassed her youthful beauty and voluptuous body. The president let his eyes run over Andrea's tempting young body as she sat stiffly next to him, nervous and frail, her long slender legs exposed up to her firm young upper thighs. Her waist was narrow and wasp-like, and her ripely jutting breasts, he was sure, were bare under the tight-fitting sweater she was wearing.

The warm wind coming in the open window of the car whipped her long red hair around her head, making her look wildly provocative.

Donovan was over forty years of age, and still ruggedly handsome. As much as he loved young women, he sometimes thought he loved fast cars even more. He reached down to the floor shift between them and geared down for a particularly sharp turn ahead. Grinning in lewd contemplation, the older man unscrewed the elongated penis-head-shaped plastic knob he had put on the gearshift just this evening, and then he screwed it back on again, thinking of what he could do with this suddenly freely available little red-headed dish next to him.

Mike Barton had told him that the club's new tennis instructor would do anything he could think of -- she was that hot to get sponsored to the competitions for the Davis Cup. From what Barton had further told him, Donovan gathered that she was also hot to get fucked. She looked so young and innocent, it was hard to believe, but he had been surprised by looks before.

"Pull up your dress," Boyd Donovan ordered.

When Andrea gasped and did not obey immediately, the club president jerked on the steering wheel, making the high-powered car swerve and slide on the crooked road. Whenever he was drinking, he was capable of almost anything. If Andrea didn't know that yet, she was soon to learn. The car swerved again, the rear tire slipping off the pavement onto the gravel shoulder at the side of the road.

"What are you doing?" the young girl cried out, terrified, holding on with both hands to keep her balance.

"I said pull it up!"

This time, Andrea quickly obeyed, hoping that she hadn't gotten into a sports car driven by a madman. She hiked her dress high and exposed the narrow band of her panties up between her thighs.

"Pull it all the way up!" Donovan growled at the frightened eighteen year old girl. This was the first time the club president had said anything to her since they had gotten in the car together nearly an hour before. Since then they had just been driving aimlessly and drinking, and now she was beginning to really get worried about his ability to handle the car. Also, Andrea had been aware that Mr. Donovan was expecting something from her, though she hadn't been sure quite what it might be, and this abrupt cold command was not exactly what she had been expecting.

However, she again obeyed his gruff voice, pulling her dress up so that it was around her waist, completely exposing her panty-covered loins to his drunken gaze. But she found herself desperately wishing that he'd at least stop the car. If he kept staring at her all the time, they were bound to miss a curve sooner or later and go careening off a cliff.

"Take off your panties and prop one leg up on the seat so I can see your pussy," he demanded, noticing her automatic reluctance to do what he asked. The next turn was nearly a hairpin curve, and Donovan took it on two wheels, knowing that it would frighten the girl into doing what he asked.

"Look, baby," he snarled as he glared at the road ahead, "Maybe you don't understand. You're going to do whatever I ask, whenever I ask. Otherwise you'll not only be scared shitless, youll end up walking home from God knows where out in the sticks. Got that straight?"

"Y ... yes, Mr. Donovan," the young redhead stammered. Hesitating only a brief second more, Andrea began awkwardly taking off her skimpy white nylon panties, squirming around on the car seat to get them over her buttocks and firm full thighs and down off her ankles. She could feel the cool leather against her naked ass-cheeks, and she stared straight ahead, her face flushing in embarrassment, as she raised one leg and played it out to the side, opening the whole of her crimson-curled pubic area to his greedy eyes.

"That's better," he rasped, feeling his penis beginning to swell in his tight trousers. "Now, reach down and spread the lips of your cunt open."

In spite of Andrea's feeling of humiliation, she hastened to carry out his command. And, despite her shock at his cold calculated commands, the obscene words titillated the passionate side of her nature. Spreading the tiny pink folds of pussy flesh with her first and third fingers, she let her extended middle finger lie lightly over the swollen clitoral bud, and the tiny little mouth of her vagina quivered in excitement. Small droplets of moisture were already beginning to form in the narrow valley, glistening pink and gold in the late afternoon sun.

"Get it hot, baby. Fingerfuck it a little," Donovan told her, licking his tongue over his suddenly dry lips as he watched her finger beginning to slowly massage the widespread lips. Before long, he could hear little wet sounds from the lewd stroking she was giving her pussy furrow. The older man could see the tip of her middle finger disappearing up into the moistly expanding opening to her cunt, and suddenly he didn't want to wait any longer.

Reaching down to the crotch of his trousers, he unzipped his fly with a harsh metallic rip, and he reached inside to free his quiveringly hard cock into the open air. With his left hand, he searched down beside him and released the catch so he could slide the front seat back.

With one hand on the wheel, the middle-aged man began slowly stroking his obscenely exposed cock, slipping the loose outer skin up and down over the bulbous head. The sight of the young girl's exposed pussy as she massaged it with her fingers was sending lewd sparks of excitement shooting into his loins, and he pressed his foot down on the accelerator harder than before. Donovan was taking the curves at breakneck speed, now, slipping and swerving on the pavement so recklessly that it sent chills of terror racing up and down Andrea's spine and once or twice brought a relieved gasp from Donovan's lips as he successfully maneuvered around a particularly treacherous curve.

Every chance he got, he flicked his eyes to the side to catch a glimpse of the moistly pink hair-lined cunt and her glistening middle finger slipping in and out. When he saw that the young girl was managing to arouse herself, despite her fear -- or maybe because of it -- the country club president took his hand away from his burgeoning penis and leaned back, stretching his right foot out to reach the gas pedal.

"Put your head down in my lap," he rasped in a hoarse voice, unable to wait any longer.

Andrea had watched what he was doing down beneath the steering wheel with his stiffly erect penis, surprising herself by watching him masturbate as though hypnotized by the huge fleshy rod glistening in his hand. For some reason, it excited her to watch this wealthy man performing such a lewd act before her very eyes.

Then when he ordered her to put her head in his lap, although she hesitated a moment, the young redhead suddenly began to relish being able to get a close look at one of the fleshy instruments that she had so recently learned to exploit for her own pleasure and the advancement of her athletic career.

Getting down on both knees on the floor of the car beside the president, Andrea leaned her face over until his throbbing shaft was only inches from her wide green eyes. Her fingers continued to massage at her wildly quivering clitoris while Donovan's right hand slipped up over her back and caressed her nakedly upthrust buttocks. His fingertips lewdly explored the widespread crevice between her firm round ass-cheeks until his middle finger found the tiny puckered opening of her anus. Teasingly, he circled the tight little rubbery ring, pressing softly inward and retreating again as her own hand continued to work furiously up between her legs.

Reminding herself that Donovan was now steering with his left hand while he played over her swaying buttocks with his right, Andrea glanced sideways to look at the speedometer -and gasped as he saw they were doing ninety miles an hour on the straight stretches and barely less for the sharp bends and twists on the mountain road! He would end up killing them both!

"Suck my prick, baby!" she heard the guttural command.

The young girl gasped and stared wide-eyed at the thickly expanded column of flesh so close to her face. How could she ever bring herself to even think about putting that lust-bloated cock into her mouth?

Noting her reluctance, Donovan grimly jammed his foot down on the accelerator so hard the tires squealed on the asphalt, and they catapulted forward at a tremendous speed. The sudden forward movement of the car pressed Andrea's red head tightly back against Donovan's chest while she grabbed desperately for something to hold onto to keep her balance.

"Suck it, I said!" the middle-aged man yelled at her. With his hand still playing around the girl's nakedly exposed buttocks sticking up behind her, the impatient president thrust his outstretched middle finger brutally up into the depths of the eighteen year old girl's small defenseless anus.

"Aaaggghhh!" the young girl groaned from the sudden painful intrusion. "Stop! It hurts! Ill do it.. .whatever you say ... I'll do it, but stop!"

"Now!" he insisted, pushing his probing finger up past the second knuckle in her squirming rectum.

"Ooohhh!" she gasped, feeling the speeding car slow back to a slightly less suicidal speed.

Andrea realized she would have to do it.. .to suck his long hard penis! She had no choice! If she didn't, he would surely kill them both with his reckless driving. She closed her eyes, determined to get it over with as quickly as possible. Gradually she lowered her face closer and closer to his eagerly awaiting penis until she felt the spongy tip brush against her tightly closed lips. A drop of seminal fluid had oozed from the glans at the end, and it clung stickily to her full sensual lips. Unconsciously, her tongue flicked out to lick off the unwanted liquid, but she nearly gagged as she became aware of what she was doing. But, better to be sick than dead, she thought.

With her right hand, she began stroking his hotly throbbing shaft, slipping the thick foreskin back and forth so tantalizingly that Donovan groaned with pleasure above her. Andrea had had a lot of practice at this with her boyfriend, Tony, and she knew how to use her hands on a rigid cock, but although Tony had tried to get her to suck him many times, she had never been able to bring herself to do it. It was an act that was only whispered about in the locker rooms at school, and she considered it too humiliating and debasing to even consider it.

The ache in the middle-aged man's cum-filled balls was becoming more intense by the minute, and his eyes narrowed with lust as he tried to keep his mind on the road ahead, veering and skidding around the worst turns. His obscenely buried finger caused her to jerk her buttocks again as he shoved it still farther inside and twisted it painfully up into her tightly clasping rectum. Impatiently, Donovan lifted his pelvis to bring his pulsing cock closer to the girl's hovering young mouth, and when she still didn't make any move to put her lips over it, he jerked his finger roughly back out of her plundered anus, bringing another little cry of pain from her throat. Then he clutched her long red hair in his fingers, and with tantalizing slowness, he forced her face lower and lower, until her resistance finally gave way and her wetly parted lips opened around his massive hardness, enclosing the burgeoning tip inside her soft warm mouth with an excitingly moist pressure.

"Aaahhh!" he breathed out his satisfaction, his mind reeling with excitement as he felt the moist softness of her tongue swirling experimentally over the throbbing tip of his lust-driven hard cock. Involuntarily, he began pumping his buttocks up, flexing them automatically, fucking into the young redhead's wetly sucking mouth.

Andrea knew that the only thing for her to do now was to force him to cum as soon as possible and get it over with. She clenched her eyes tightly shut and winced at the thought of his sticky hot semen spewing into her mouth while she went on laving his warmly pulsating cock. It seemed to her that she would choke on the massive, blood-engorged thickness spearing up into her mouth, bloating her cheeks out on the instroke and rubbing against the back of her throat. Hot pools of saliva mixed with his seeping seminal fluid under her tongue as she tried to keep from swallowing the lewd fluids. Her right hand milked hungrily on his cum-bloated balls still inside his trousers in an effort to force him quickly to the bursting point.

Then the seemingly impossible happened. Abruptly the red-headed girl herself actually began to enjoy sucking this older man's hotly throbbing cock!

Boyd Donovan's obscenely pumping organ slipped wetly in and out of her ovalled lips, sending fires of lust racing through Andrea's breasts and belly and down into her upturned slit. Gently she began undulating her buttocks up behind her, mewling soft low animal sounds around the thick lunging penis.

As her voracious sucking intensified, and her hand rhythmically kneaded his sperm-filled balls, Donovan felt the exploding point drawing near; he could not possibly hold out much longer. Great swirls of heat were building up deep inside his upthrusting loins as she sucked in fury on his heatedly tingling cock, aware that her very life depended on it.

Groaning with the maddening fires she was creating inside his balls, the middle-aged man stared ahead almost blindly at the road which was becoming more and more difficult to follow as he gave his attention over to what she was doing. Suddenly, he saw a huge green and white sign indicating an entrance to a nearby freeway, and with his left hand, he jerked the steering wheel and spun wildly onto the rampway. The startled young girl started to pull away from him, but he clamped his free hand tighter in her hair and held her head securely in position.

Finally the silver sports car straightened out on the open freeway, and Boyd Donovan put his foot to the floor. His hand was still clamped down holding the frightened girl down over his mouth-filling cock, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw the speedometer climbing to a hundred. Unaware that they were no longer on the curving mountain road, the young girl began shuddering with terror as she redoubled her efforts on his pulsing penis.

Unnameable masochistic chills ran through her body as the needle reached and then passed one hundred miles an hour, steadily inching up toward one-ten. Mewls and hums of fervent pleading for him to cum were bubbling steadily out around his lunging cock as she slaved against time.

Suddenly, she heard him gasping above her as if he were about to pass out, followed by the staccato jerking of his rock-hard cock, and the first thick hot spurts of his semen gushed from the swollen tip of his cock, jetting lewdly into the moistly sucking cavern of her mouth.

"I'm cumming," he groaned. "Keep sucking... oh, God! Keep sucking!"

Andrea's cheeks expanded as if she were blowing up a balloon while the white-hot streams of semen continued spurting against the back of her throat in a steady rhythmic torrent. The girl went on hungrily sucking to the end, her Adam's apple bobbing crazily up and down as she struggled to swallow every obscene drop in order to keep from choking -- completely heedless now of the fact that the wildly weaving car was topping one hundred and twenty miles an hour. All she could think of was emptying his massively ejaculating shaft as he thrust it up into her mouth and throat as far as it was humanly possible to go, and she coughed and gagged on the scalding sperm puffing out her cheeks to overflowing.

Slowly, his orgasm faded away. His still-jerking penis began softening and deflating in her wetly heated mouth, and Boyd Donovan fought with the vibrating steering wheel to regain full control of his careening Ferrari. He had never felt anything like it in his life -- the combination of breakneck speed and cumming into this innocent young redhead's soft warm mouth had almost sent him over the edge of sanity. Another split second and they both would have been hurtling over the dividing strip between the north and south lanes of the freeway.

As Andrea finally removed her exhausted mouth from his wetly glistening penis, the middle-aged man felt his knees trembling in fatigue and adrenal shock. Sweat was shining on his forehead as he lit a cigarette with shaking fingers and sucked in the smoke. He was dimly aware of the redhead moving away from his lap as the car settled back to a fairly safe eighty-five, and when he glanced to the side again, he had the surprise of his life.

The innocent-looking young athlete had gotten herself so aroused that she was desperately trying to cram her fingers up inside her thoroughly moistened cunt to satisfy the unbearable desire she was now feeling. The older man grinned obscenely to himself and quickly unscrewed the penis-shaped knob from the gearshift.

"Let me see you do it with this, baby," he insisted.

With no hesitation, Andrea leaned back against the far door of the sports car and spread her loins open to his view. The penis-shaped plastic knob slipped into the ready wetness of her pinkly glistening cunt without the slightest resistance, and the redhead began to quickly fuck it in and out of the narrow expanding opening. She had been hanging on the edge of her orgasm, and almost immediately, her mouth hung slack as she tossed her head from side to side and moaned out her ecstatic release. Obscenely wet sucking noises filled the car as she rammed the substitute penis faster and faster up into her hungrily gyrating cunt, and then with a long sensual moan, she finished pushing her throbbing cunt down onto the hard plastic cock and held it there for a long time.

After a long moment of silence in the car, except for her heavy breathing beside him, Boyd Donovan glanced at her form lying lewdly spread out beside him, her head hanging limp over the back of the car seat.

"Yeah, baby," he chortled at her, "when I have to go, that's the way I want it to be -- cumming my head off. You're all right, kid."

The exhausted young redhead rolled her head to face him, and when he gave her a lewdly sensual, almost conspiratorial grin, she understood what he meant. Fucking was really what it was all about, she was thinking. That's what all these men have been trying to teach me!

This time Andrea smiled back, a lewd sensual grin stained at the corners with his semen and she licked her tongue around her lips to indicate that she meant it.


Strange how things work out, Mike Barton thought as he mixed himself his third martini in a half an hour, relaxing at the bar of his luxurious upstairs den. Only a week ago today, little Andrea Wade first arrived at Mariposa Country Club. The little bitch fucked her way right up the chain of command. Once she got the picture, she was right in there swinging. She breaks down with her first match ... looking pretty as anything I've ever seen -- but with two left hands. Couldn't even hold up against a bunch of second-rate tennis players, he chuckled lewdly to himself.

Guess she's been spending so much time flat on her bach -- she's out of shape!

Not that you would notice, though, he corrected himself as he glanced across the room to where the pretty young redhead had just entered the door. She might not make it with a decent backhand, but she sure has the movement of a winner... in bed! he joked to himself.

Greeting her like a long lost daughter, Mike Barton pressed a drink on her and talked lightly about the events of the week. She seemed a little depressed ... and no wonder, thought the club manager. She had given up the most precious thing a woman can offer, a man, and all for nothing. She would have been better off staying home.

"I've been thinking, Andrea," he said in a serious tone. "Maybe you ought to consider just staying on here after the summer is over. We can always use a good female athlete -- and the life is sometimes exciting."

For a moment, Andrea looked even more confused. The young redhead had been lost in thought, trying to decide what she should do when her poor showing made the committee reluctant to even keep her on for the summer, and here Mike Barton was offering her a permanent job.

"I think I'd like that," she replied in a pleased tone. She had gone over the happenings of the last week a thousand times in her head, and she had resigned herself to the facts of her existence. The firsthand knowledge of the secret sensual side of herself had given her a new sense of power and security. The pressure to be the best in her chosen field was no longer as strong as it had been when her field was tennis, but she felt much more secure now that she had established for herself that she was infinitely attractive to men.

And she owed it all to Mike Barton and his son, Gary. The young redhead smiled to herself. She knew why she was here with them tonight, and strangely enough, she wasn't minding at all. In fact, she thought the idea of making love to both of them together was kind of exciting, and it made her tingle with forbidden lust.

Before she let the younger man do anything, though, she was going to make him pay for his uncaring brutality that first night only a week ago. And after her little talk with Mike Barton earlier in the evening, she knew just how she would do it. All that was necessary was fo pretend that she was more excited and pleased by the father, since they had the same kind of contest in mind, with her as both the judge and the prize. She giggled to herself as she thought of how nice it would be to make young Gary Barton feel inadequate in his lovemaking.

At that moment, the phone rang, and young Gary reached over and picked it up, mumbling, "I'll get it." He listened quietly for a minute, and then he glanced musingly at Andrea, saying, "Okay. I'll be right out."

He put the phone down and called his father to his side, where he whispered, "You'll never guess who's turned up. Tony Emerson."

"Who?" the older man whispered back, mystified.

"It's Andrea's high school boyfriend. The poor slob hitchhiked all the way from Flagstaff to see his girl and apply for a job here. He's wearing a college sweater - the whole varsity bit -- they tell me." His voice was mocking.

Immediately sensing new possibilities, the older Barton glanced surreptitiously at Andrea, who was too absorbed with her recent good luck at being offered a job to notice what was going on. Then Mike Barton whispered more quietly, "Give me thirty to forty-five minutes alone with her . .. then pop in. Okay?"

"Right! You get the little bitch all ready . .. but wait for me. I know you, Dad. You'll have her all worn out before I even get a chance."

"I'll wait," the older man lied to his son. He was beginning to warm up to the situation. "You come in first when you get back, and let him barge in later when he hears all the commotion."

Gary chuckled maliciously. "Got it!"

The young blond-haired man excused him and left, and Mike glanced at the redhead, but he realized she hadn't been paying the slightest attention to what they had been up to. She was busy searching through a shelf of cassettes.

"Choose one you like, Andrea," he told her, switching on the sound system.

As he pushed in the cassette, he adjusted the volume so that anyone coming into the room could not be heard over the music. "Listen, Andrea, Gary won't be back for quite awhile, so lets have another drink and relax a bit."

"Fine with me," the young redhead said, smiling demurely. Andrea sensed a further chance to get back at the cocky young manager's son for his brutality. If he came in and found her already in bed with his father, he would really suffer a blow to his teenage ego. The conceited little bastard thinks he's irresistible, and he needs to be knocked down a peg or two, she thought.

After the exciting young redhead and her boss had finished two more martinis, Andrea started moving lewdly to the beat of the music, doing a teasing sort of dance around the room for the benefit of her middle-age employer.

"I want to fuck you before Gary gets back," the older man told her in a husky voice, and without waiting another moment, he unbuckled his pants and undressed, staring greedily down at her as she willingly stripped off her brassiere and panties. Enjoying her new role as an experienced seductress, made even more exciting by the strong martinis she had just drunk, she felt as though she were floating on a cloud of eatthers, rolling and twisting provocatively on the huge king-sized bed.

As he watched, Mike Barton's long thick penis stood out from his muscular belly like a quivering rod of flesh. Damn, he thought as he absent-mindedly stroked his hardened cock, she's really changed from the innocent little virgin of a week ago. He waited until she had rolled onto her stomach once again, her firmly rounded buttocks jutting up into the air behind her in lewd invitation, and then he threw his weight on top of her.

Surprised and almost knocked out of breath, the young redhead squirmed under him, her flattened breasts rubbing down into the bedspread. Up behind her rapidly clenching buttocks, she could feel the thick length of her boss's pulsating cock lying in the narrow crevice between her ass-cheeks. The young girl began to giggle uncontrollably from the effects of her martinis as his hands played maddeningly with her breasts. She could feel his hot moist lips passing over the naked skin of her back and shoulders, and then finally his mouth found her ear, and he thrust his tongue wetly into the tiny shell-like opening.

Goosebumps of desire flitted over Andrea's smooth white skin from the hot moistness inside her sensitive ear, and she wriggled her tautly fleshed buttocks up against his blood-swollen cock.

"Up on your knees, baby," he growled with his lips touching her neck. "I want to fuck you dog-fashion."

Feeling tractable as a tame animal, Andrea followed the tugging of his hands at her hips and raised up on her knees, her face turned to the side on the bedspread, her tender-skinned ass-cheeks thrust up toward the older man kneeling behind her on the huge bed. Humming low noises in her throat like a purring cat, she reached back with both hands between her outspread thighs to place her fingertips lightly on either side of her curl-lined cuntal slit and slowly stretched the pink edges to the sides.

Up behind her, Mike Barton saw her moistly glistening young pussy opening up to his lustful gaze, and grabbing his heavily-veined cock in his right hand, he pressed it forward into the naked warmth between her tautly squirming buttocks. Thin drops of clear seminal fluid seeped out warmly from the tip to lubricate the flesh of her tiny pulsating opening, and Andrea inadvertently jerked and moaned with eager passion as she felt his heated shaft come into contact with her ankedly exposed pussy.

Straining her neck downward, she peered back beneath her voluptuously dangling breasts at this thickly swollen cock set into place up between her thighs. The obscene view of his fleshy blue-veined shaft and heavy balls hanging beneath sent wild electric shocks jangling through her narrow cuntal slit, and she pressed back passionately into closer contact with the spongy head of his hotly pulsing cock.

Mike Barton grasped her smoothly rounded hips in his rough hands to hold her in position in front of him, and he pushed forward slightly up into her tight elastic little vagina, gritting his teeth from the agonizing pressure around his lust-swollen hardness.

Sending a low-pitched groan up from her throat at his first short pressuring thrust, the young redhead felt his rock-hard penis begin a slow prodding movement against the slightly open lips of her cunt, parting them and forcing its way inside the tightly restricting little ring at the moist entrance of her secret passage. There was a great stretching feeling in his loins as though the tender flesh would tear asunder, and then suddenly she felt her thighs swept apart and the manager's long thick cock slipped up into her hotly throbbing pussy like a blunted ramrod..

"Oooohhhhh!" she moaned softly through clenched teeth as she waited for her as yet unstretched cunt to accustom itself to the introding thickness. His massive penis penetrating her felt like a thick drill tunneling deep up into her defenseless belly through the involuntarily contracting inner walls. She spread her knees a little more on the bed to ease the pain a little more on the bed to ease the pain a little and swung her buttocks from side to side to ease her tightly clasping pussy back around his rock-hard shaft.

Relentlessly, Mike Barton thrust forward, skewering her to the hilt until she was impaled on his pulsating cock like an insect run through by a pin. He watched the young girl's lips opening and closing in sensual torment from the outward pressure in her hotly quivering cunt. The older man slipped his deeply embedded penis back out a fraction of an inch, and then he grunted as he shoved it forward again into her pussy as far as it would go. She felt its rubbery tip smash up against her cervix, and at the same time his heavily bloated testicles slapped hard against the softness of her inner thighs.

His eyes open wide, Mike Barton gazed down at his desire-thickened member disappearing up inside Andrea's tightly accepting vagina, and he groaned softly in obscene delight at the hot cuntal moistness clasping around his pulsating cock.

"Good baby," he gasped down at her. "Nice and slow, now, that's it... that's the way to fuck."

Panting with greedy desire up behind her, he began rhythmically to rock back and forth in the soft wet confines of her slowly expanding vagina. Gradually the narrow fleshy walls of her cunt seeped out warm slippery fluids to ease the friction, and Andrea began to feel a greedy masochistic need rippling throughout her plundered loins, making her cry out for more. Slowly, the submissively kneeling teenager began to undulate her naked buttocks in ever widening circles back against his heavily pumping pelvis.

"Oh, God! This is good!" she panted back at him in a quavering voice, surprised at the thick husky sound of her own voice.

Now the older man was settling into a steadier rhythm, kneeling up behind her bent-over body, gritting his teeth as he fucked in and out with long, leisurely strokes.

"Jesus, what a great pussy you've got," he told her, closing his eyes for a moment to concentrate only on the maddening sensations running hotly through his throbbing cock. In response to his words, her cunt clamped down wetly around his fucking cock, and the young redhead ground her quivering white buttocks tightly into his pelvis in wanton appreciation.

Now let Gary come on in, Mike. Barton thought smugly. I'll give him a demonstration of how to turn a woman into a good whore. In one easy lesson: Fuck her good!

Over the sounds of the music in the next room, the older man thought he could hear the small metallic click of the den door opening. A feeling of absolute power surged through his body, and he dug his fingers harshly into the resilient flesh of her hips as he thrust repeatedly up between her legs. He could feel the soft fleshy ridges deep inside her cunt flowering wetly around his pistoning cock, her hot liquid passion flooding slipperily in the tight narrow passage.

In the other room, Gary Barton cursed silently and put his finger to his lips in a signal for Andrea's unsuspecting boyfriend to keep quiet. Gary wanted Tony Emerson's arrival to be a surprise ... and what a surprise!

"They must be in the other room. You wait here while I take a look," Gary whispered conspiratorily, his eyes squinting angrily as he realized that his father had undoubted already started fucking the little redhead. The old bastard, he swore to himself as he left Tony and walked toward the bedroom. Can't trust him for a minute... not where pussy is concerned. He promised to wait.

The lewd sounds of passion coming from inside the bedroom were like the noises of primitive beasts in heat. Gary pushed the door open wider and quickly slipped inside before Tony even noticed the sounds. With his back to the half-closed door, Mike Barton's son stared goggle-eyed at the scintillating scene taking place on the king-sized bed. The hot little bitch was up on her knees dog-fashion before his father, who was fucking into her cunt from behind, her ripely dangling breasts swinging from side to side as she see-sawed excitedly back and forth on Mike Barton's lust-laden cock.

Anxious to join in the fun, Gary quickly tore off his clothes and crawled up on the far side of the bed. He placed the flat of his hand on Andrea's flushed cheeks to hold her in place as she opened her eyes long enough to see his fully erect young penis only inches away from her lips. Drops of moisture seeped from the bloated tip, inviting Andrea's tongue to lick them away. Like a hungry child with a lollipop, the little redhead eagerly sucked the tip of his throbbing cock in between her wetly ovalled lips.

"She's doing all right, huh, Gary-boy?" the older man grunted up behind her. "Think you could get her going like this?" Mike Barton chuckled obscenely at the consternation on his son's face.

The little bitch is really turned on, Gary, Barton thought. He suddenly wanted her to feel humiliated and ashamed for the way she was responding to the lewd fucking from his father.

"Okay, you hot little whore, let's show the old man what we can do. Give me a good suck, and I'll choke you with a load of cum!"

Without further warning, he shoved the throbbing mass of his hard penis deep into the hot moistness of her mouth. All the way down to the back of her throat it went, pressing her tongue gaggingly against the floor of her mouth. The sensational heat of her oral cavern around his cock sent wild flames of perverted lust searing down into his balls dangling softly against her chin. All thoughts of his father and of humiliating the girl fled like a flock of birds going south, the only thing left of interest to him being his palpitating cock sunk deep in her warm wet mouth.

"Now, baby," he groaned down at her cock-filled face, "use your tongue and suck hard." Immediately, he set up a steady fucking rhythm stroking in and out of her tightly compressed lips, her cheeks bloated grotesquely on the instroke, and deeply hollowed around him on the outstroke. Her delicate nostrils flared above his glistening shaft with the strong male aroma of his loins as she struggled to breathe through her nose.

The lewd mental picture entered Andrea's mind of her naked body between father and son like a side of beef on a spit, and the image excited her more and more, the fiery feeling in her belly raging wildly out of control. She began to rotate her buttocks in tight tiny circles, squeezing with her cuntal muscles at the hot fleshy pole burrowing up into her greedy pussy, from behind. She began to nibble at the warmly pulsating cock buried between her ovaled lips, and she coughed and spluttered under the unnatural invasion of her mouth. She wanted to milk both penises dry, to feel them fill her belly with hot sticky fluids and feel the cream-like cum pouring down her throat and into her cunt. She sucked greedily at the hotly throbbing penis in her mouth, swirling her tongue-tip wildly around the blood-filled head, probing into the tiny opening on the end. She wanted it to erupt in her mouth and to meet the hot spurts that came into her from her tingling pussy.

Outside the half-closed door, Tony Emerson was waiting impatiently for the manager's son, Gary, to call him. Although he had ostensibly come all the way from Flagstaff to apply for a summer job, it was no accident that he had come to the same club that Andrea was working in. He had decided after less than a week and two miserable dates with other girls that he only wanted to be with her. He would have to persuade her that they were well matched and that they should continue going steady.

As a song on the cassette ended, the room fell silent for a moment, and Tony waited for what seemed a long time. Then he heard strange noises coming through the doorway to the other room. It sounded like ... it was almost certainly Andrea's voice... but she was moaning and . .. well, it couldn't be, of course, but it sure as hell sounded like she was .. . was asking to be fucked!

With a sudden outburst of rage, the college boy hurried to the open doorway and peered into the bedroom. The young athlete couldn't believe his eyes! It was Andrea all right, and she was kneeling nakedly on the bed while an older man fucked into her obscenely swiveling cunt from behind, and the younger man, Gary, the kid who had brought him here, had plunged his hardened cock into the young redhead's mouth!

The double-crossing little bitch! Tony swore to himself, his dark eyes blazing with fury. He had tried for a year to persuade his girlfriend to let him fuck her straight, and after just one week away from him, here she was acting like a cheap prostitute with not one - but two men -- and one of them old enough to be her own father!

While the young redhead's boyfriend watched in utter disbelief from the doorway, Mike Barton suddenly felt an irresistible desire to fuck into the tiny puckered anus nestled up between her openly spread buttocks. He slipped his right hand down around the juncture of her thigh and hip, extending his middle finger down into the wetly flowing juices seeping out around the pink curl-trimmed flanges of her cunt. Moistening its tip throughly before sliding it up again to the tiny puckered anal mouth clenching and unclenching under his lust-filled gaze. Once lubricated by her cuntal fluids, his finger paused momentarily to tease lightly at her fleshy nether entrance and then, without further warning, Mike Barton shoved it forward, abruptly sinking it in up to his second knuckle.

"Aaagggghhh!" the protesting redhead grunted in front of him, her feet jerking up and down on the bed as she struggled in vain to escape his brutally impaling finger. But the manager's son in front of her held her head firmly in place with the palm of his hand while his father used his left hand to pull her back tighter against his cunt-plumbing cock and his lewldy buried middle finger. Mike Barton swirled his finger around inside the hot buttery passage of her rectum, working to expand and enlarge it for the greater thickness to come.

Slowly, the searing pain Andrea felt in her plundered anus subsided as the narrow passage grew accustomed to the presence of his skewering finger, and gradually she began to rock back to meet his inward thrusts, matching his steady rhythm stroke for stroke.

Once again, the redhead's wetly clingling lips began sucking heartily at Gary's thickly expanded cock slipping in and out of her mouth. Now she wanted more than ever to devour the velvety thickness ramming into the back of her throat. She had never felt such maddening sensations as were now coursing wildly through every nerve ending in her body.

Andrea's boyfriend, Tony, could hardly believe his eyes when suddenly the man behind her on the bed pulled his finger out of her now expanded rectum with a soft popping sound, and in one swift movement, he switched his glistening cock from one opening to the other. On the outstroke, Mike Barton's pistoning penis had been in her gyrating cunt, and then, on the next instroke, it was ramming its way brutally up into the narrow confines of her virginal anus. His fingers tightened up on her naked shoulders now to hold her fastened to him, relentlessly battering into her narrow anal crevice, rushing up the tight nether passage until his stomach was pressed flat against her wildly jerking buttocks.

"Oooooouuuuccchhhh!" the helplessly impaled young redhead screamed in protest around the heavily pounding cock in her mouth. She had never felt such a mixture of searing pain and mouth-filling pleasure in her life. The lust-rigid rod of flesh felt like it was splitting her tight little anus, tearing her unprotected rectum into thousands of pieces. She thrashed and bucked before his onslaught, her eyes bulging open in horrified fascination. She could see her tormentor's son's thickly-veined shaft protruding from the tangle of blond pubic hair in front of her face, endlessly fucking into her mouth. It was too much; she felt as though she were going out of her mind. Glued to Mike Barton's loins as if her anus were, a tight rubber glove fitting around his punishing cock, she could feel his throbbing hardness deep up inside her belly like a heartbeat, each lewd pulse shoving her rectal walls a little farther outward from its massive size. Finally, she could breathe again, her body almost limp like a rag doll, and she felt her employer's cock slowly begin to stroke in and out, short and shallow at first, then gradually lengthening until the expanded glans at the end were moving from just inside her painfully stretched anus until the entire blood-engorged shaft was buried to the hilt.

His mind reeling in confusion from the; lewd spectacle before him, Tony Emerson could not ignore the hot flames of lust spreading through his genitals, and his long hardening cock quivered and then jerked up to full erection inside his pants. How he'd like to be the one screwing the cheating little slut in the asshole, he thought.

Then he watched the impossible happen. With a low snarling sound, like a cat in heat, the captivating young redhead began to rock gently along with the man kneeling up behind her wide-splayed thighs, meeting his inward strokes with her back-thrusting buttocks, grinding the white half-moons into his stomach lasciviously to get as much of the lust-inflaming cock as she could up inside her anal passage. The shameless young girl was enjoying it! And her mouth sucked even more avidly at the wetly glistening penis slipping in between her lips.

Behind her on the bed, pulling his lips back in a grimace of mingled pain and pleasure, Mike Barton gritted his teeth from the tightness of her narrow rectum, releasing a guttural laugh at the way he had conquered her will so completely that there could be no question who was master. His sodomizing strokes pounded faster and harder against her eagerly upturned buttocks as she strained back to meet him, her deep mewling chant spurring him on.

Gaping down at her ovalled lips ravenously sucking at his cock, the younger Barton suddenly jerked convulsively and buried his fleshy shaft in Andrea's moist warm mouth to the hilt. It felt as though a volcano were erupting in his balls sending white-hot lava shooting up through his bursting cock to flood deep into her throat.

Andrea's cheeks inflated obscenely with the endless spurts of cum while her Adam's apple bobbed up and down with her desperate efforts to swallow the gushing jets. Her lips clung frantically to the wildly jerking shaft until finally it was over, and little by little the flow dwindled, and the young man's cock slowly deflated in her still-sucking mouth and slipped wetly out from her clasping lips. Thin sticky trails of white semen wove a lewd web from the depleted penis to her cum-smeared mouth.

"Jesus!" Tony gasped out loud at the lurid sight. His thickening rod of flesh jerked wildly in his trousers as he watched his once-innocent young girlfriend raise her head from the bed to lick the last drop of obscene cum from the tip of the blond-haired boy's now limp penis.

At the sound of his voice, both Mike Barton and Gary turned to smile triumphantly at him.

"Come on, champ. There's enough for everybody," the older man encouraged him. The club manager locked both his arms around Andrea's narrow waist, pinning her writhing buttocks tightly against his pelvis. Then, with a sudden rolling motion, he turned over onto his back with the helpless young redhead still impaled on his lust-thickened cock sunk deep into her anus. Now Andrea's openly dilated cunt was nakedly exposed to Tony's view, her feet wide-flung to the sides as she struggled in pain to take the weight of her body off her cruelly stretched anus.

The muscles of her flat white belly were strained to the breaking point from the terrible pressure until she finally managed to plant her feet high up on the older man's outstretched thighs, her knees bent up and out to the side. Immediately, she started pressuring her naked buttocks up and down again, using Mike Barton's sinewy thighs as a pushing point for her motions.

"There you go, champ." the manager grunted thickly, "come on, what are you waiting for?"

It finally dawned on the young girl that someone else was in the room. She lifted her head and looked down the cream-white valley between her bouncing breasts.

"Oh, God! No!" she gasped. My God! It's Tony!

With horrified eyes, she watched as her former boyfriend grinned hatefully at her and slowly unbuckled his belt, while staring viciously into her wide green eyes. To the dazed young redhead, it seemed centuries instead of days since she had been a reluctant virgin with the handsome young athlete now undressing in front of her eyes. She knew that he couldn't possibly understand anything about why and how she had come to be in this situation. To him, she must look like nothing more than a cheap whore . .. and after all the times she had refused Tony's pleadings! Tears of shame and regret began to well up in her eyes, and then through her blurred vision, she saw Tony climbing up over the foot of the king-sized bed toward the vulnerable vee of her loins. She could see the cock she knew so well, rigidly erect and bobbing with lust as he positioned himself to take the slightly worn prize he had wanted so much for so long.

"Come on! Your girl is a fantastic fuck!" Gary Barton goaded him on, a tiny grim smile of sadistic delight twisting his handsome mouth out of shape.

Ignoring the mocking tones in the blond-haired youth's voice, and unable to resist the pinkly inviting moistness so nakedly exposed before his greedy eyes, Tony threw himself on top of the churning mass of feminine flesh. He crawled up over Andrea's wildly thrashing body and held his throbbing cock into position between her upraised thighs, lodging the swollen head in the wetly palpitating mouth of his red-haired girlfriend's pussy. Below his own penis set firmly in the tight pink cuntal mouth, Tony could see Mike Barton's rock-hard shaft ceaselessly fucking in and out of her wide-split anus.

Then the young athlete balanced himself with both hands to spread out on either side of the two bodies beneath him, and with a sudden forward lunge of his aching pelvis, he drove his wildly throbbing cock brutally up into the expanding warmth of her open cunt. There was no resistance left inside the moist inner walls, and his long thick shaft of male flesh raced headlong up into the very depths of her soft white belly until he felt his spongy cockhead ram against the cushiony tip of her cervix.

Andrea groaned in combined humiliation and satisfaction at the renewed fleshy presence filling her hungry vagina, and she snaked her long tapering legs up around her boyfriend's waist. She had never been so utterly filled in all her life, and she wished suddenly that she could go on forever like this, feeling the two rampaging cocks rubbing against each other deep inside through her thin wall of flesh separating the entrances into her helplessly impaled body.

Her left arm curled around Tony's neck as though he were a long-lost lover, and she held onto him for dear life, at the same time pressing her other hand down beneath her quivering buttocks until she could feel both hard, wetly slipping cocks thrusting into her loins. With her fingers she fondled at the testicles of both of the men as though beckoning their lewd cum up from the sanctuary of their dangling balls, not knowing whose she was touching .. . and not caring.

Once again, young Gary Barton had an erection jutting out from his youthful loins just from watching the obscene trio on the bed. He began slipping his hand in a slow and steady rhythm up and down over his swelling cock-shaft. He knelt so that his face was only inches from the two thick cocks thrusting again and again into Andrea's rectum and vagina. He could see the pink ridges of flesh sucking out after his father's thick-veined penis on the outstroke as though her tight little anus wouldn't let him go, and above, the fiery crimson curls of her pubic hair were clasping wetly around Tony Emerson's hard shaft of flesh as he fucked into her.

The young redhead shuddered in ecstasy and crazily bucked her body up and down between her ex-boyfriend and her employer, her mind torn between the hot desire scorching her throbbing vagina and the guilty twinge of shame and humiliation that cut through her like a knife. The tears streaking her flushed cheeks were now tears of mingled joy and debasement, flowing down into the corners of her wide-open mouth.

The young girl had been so close to her own orgasm before, and now Tony's thickly expanding cock finished it for her, pounding with vicious fury into her defenseless cunt.

"I... I'm cummmmmming!" she moaned, the tendons in her neck standing out like steel cables, her passion-glazed eyes staring up sightlessly at the ceiling. "Fuck me! Fuck harder . .. harder!" she cried out pleadingly.

Her voice changed pitch then, rising to a sensual moan that went on and on, broken rhythmically by the breath-taking- lunges they were still making into her body. Her hand milked the cum-laden balls below, her own orgasmic secretions flooding wetly out around Tony's hard-driving cock to mingle on her buttocks with their combined perspiration.

Spurred on by his girlfriend's twisting and thrashing underneath him, Tony shoved his throbbing cock deeply into the spasming cunt he had wanted to fuck for so long, screwing into her pussy with months of built-up frustration. And then he felt the hot waves of his sperm spurting up from his balls, jetting deep up into her clasping cuntal depths, a mind-rattling ejacualtion that went on and on inside her cum-filled belly. The young athlete groaned as though his very life were being drained from his body, and he held his wildly jerking cock sunk all the way up into her semen-soaked pussy, relishing the rotating of her hungry passage around his madly pulsing thickness. From Mike Barton's bucking below, Tony was tossed and bounced on Andrea's limply satiated body, the softness of her quivering breasts against' his chest increasing his pleasure a thousandfold.

No longer feeling the need to hold back, Mike Barton now quickened his upward thrusts with the arching strength of his back until he was pumping into her tightly clasping anus like a bull running wild. He growled deeply in his throat as he felt the steaming hot cum boiling up out of his aching balls, his hands slipping up around her ribs to grasp at her swollen breasts, jerking her naked young body down onto him as he spewed his hot load of sperm into her crazily contracting anus. His exploding cock jerked like the firing of a machine gun, the hot viscous cum spurting out endlessly to fill her belly to the bursting point.

At long last, the older man gave one last body-shaking lunge- and held the lewdly squirming teenager tight on his still rhythmically jerking cock. Then Mike Barton managed to move out from under the two bodies weighing heavily above him, and his deflating penis slipped noisily out of Andrea's forever expanded anal passage with thin streams of thick white semen leaking lewdly, out after it, and he released his breath in a long sigh as if he had been holding it in for a long time.

The scene had been too much for young Gary Barton, who now frantically jerked the outer skin of his penis up and down and then shot a thick jet of semen out onto Andrea's seemingly unconscious face. The sticky white cum flowed into her crimson hair at the temples and then seeped down over her flushed pink cheeks and touched the side of her delicate nose.

The four of them lay there in a tangled heap of exhaustion for long silent moments, breathing heavily from the strenuous efforts they had been making.

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