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Q: What do I need to do to place an order here?
A:  This is the short version of the answer to this question.  See below for a more detailed version.

1) If you haven't registered an account here yet, you will need to do so. If you don't want to share your identity, you can enter false data in when creating your account but the email address needs to be valid.
2) Log in with your username and password.
3) Browse the website adding items to your shopping cart.
4) When you're done shopping click the Checkout link and choose the Money Order payment option. Check the checkbox and click the button to submit your order. This will create an order # and you will see a summary of your order. It would be a good idea to make a note of your order # at this point.

5) Send payment. How to do so is the subject of several of the FAQ's below.
6) If you sent payment via Bitcoin you need to send me an email informing me that you have sent payment. Please include the amount you sent and the order # your payment was intended to pay for.  None of this information comes included with a bitcoin payment. If you do not send me an email with this information I will have no way to be certain who sent the payment.
7) I will respond to your payment via email and will include the download links in my response.
8) Download the ebooks you ordered using the download links I sent. Please be sure to do so without delay as the links are valid for only 48 hours.

Sorry this is so complicated everyone.  I am doing everything I can to put a better system in place.  Please bear with me.  Your patience is appreciated. 
-  Paul


Q: Can I buy ebooks with my credit card?
A:  I am not set up to accept credit card payments on this site right now. I was using Paypal as my merchant bank up until December 21st of 2016 when they limited (cancelled) my account with no warning and no explanation. I have not been able to process credit card payments ever since, but I am still searching for a merchant bank that will handle my transactions.

My problems finding a merchant bank should not prevent you from paying for your orders with a credit card if you are determined to do so.  There are services on the web that can be used by one person to send money to another.  I am registered with some of them.  I will list them below .... if you register with one of the same sites you can send money to me that way and pay for it with your credit card. 

1:  Circle.com.  My account on circle.com is:
Any payment sent to me via Circle.com will trigger an email notification be sent to me that will include the payment amount and the account of the person who sent it which is usually your email address. This is usually enough for me to figure out which order to apply the payment to but if I have any doubts I can always send you an email asking you about it.
2:  I'm sorry, I no longer have another option other than paying with bitcoins.


Q: Can I pay for my ebooks without using bitcoin?
A:  Yes you can.  I have just learned that Circle.com no longer allows their customers to buy or sell bitcoins. They have changed into a service that is more similar to paypal. You can send payment for your ebook purchases to me via Circle.com without having to deal with bitcoins at all.

Q: How can I pay using bitcoin?
A:  Bitcoin payments should be sent to the following address:


Q: How can I place an order (this is the more detailed answer)?
A:  To place an order you will need to have an account. If you do not have an account you will need to create one. Your account does not need to have your real personal information in it.  It would be a good idea for the email address you enter to be valid but so long as  you remember the login and password please feel free to populate the rest of the data for your account with fictional information.

You can register an account by clicking HERE.

Once you have an account you need to log into the site with your login and password.  Next you cab browse the site adding items to your shopping cart in the normal way.  When you are done, click on the Checkout link. Go through the checkout process in the normal way until you see a page that looks like the image below:












Now all you need to do is check the "I accept" box and click the submit order button and your order will be created.

You will then see an Invoice/Order Summary. Be sure to make a note of the
Order # and the Total Price. I have added a line in pink to the two images below illustrating where you can find them:




















Now you can send payment.  How you can send payment is the subject of several of the FAQ's above.

If you sent payment in Bitcoins you need to send me an email with your payment amount and the order # the payment was intended for.  If you don't I will not know which order the payment was intended for.  Those who sent payment in some way other than Bitcoins do not need to notify me of your payment.  I should get a timely email notification sent to me automatically. I will then change your order status to indicate that payment has been received and will send you an email with the download links. 

Q: How do we contact you?
A: My name is Paul Jimerson. This is my website. I will paste an image in below with all my contact info.

Q: Do I have to create an account to place an order?
A: Yes, but there is no need for you to populate the data for your account with your correct personal information. If you don't want to share your personal information then I would prefer not to know that information.

In the past I used to allow anonymous orders to be placed but this wasn't really anonymous because you still had to supply all your correct personal information when you paid with your credit card.  If you didn't do so it is unlikely that the bank that issued your card would approve the transaction.

Now, I can't accept credit cards as a payment method  but I have set this website to require everybody who places an order to have an account. The reason I require the account is to make it easy to distinguish one order from another, it's easy to find any order if you know what account it was placed under. Strictly spreaking anonymous orders are disabled, but in actuality your privacy is actually enhanced because the only fields that you are required when you create an account are the first and last name fields and you can populate those fields with anything you want.

This makes it easy to figure out if you have already purchased a particular ebook. Also if you suffer a catastrophic computer failure and lose your entire ebook collection with no backup you can ask me to re-enable the download links for all of your old orders, enabling you to download every ebook from those orders again for free. I can and will do this upon request for any order in the database so long as I am able to find the order. Creating a single account and placing orders when you are logged in to that account makes it very easy for me to find your order history.

Q: When I place an order on adultbookcovers.net what will I see on my credit card statement?
A: It should look something like this:

Of course yours will have the month and the day of the month in the place of MM/DD and instead of #0000 the # sign will be followed by the last four digits of your credit card number. In the place of the long string of zeroes will be a unique transaction ID #.

Q: What formats are your ebooks sold in?
A: The vast majority of the ebooks sold here are available in 3 formats:

- Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
- Microsoft Word (DOC)
- Mobi format - Kindle Compatible (MOBI)

At this time there is no indication of which formats any particular ebook is available in (sorry about that). After you have purchased an ebook you are sent a link to a download page where you can download that title in any of the formats it is available in, but it is not possible to know which formats will be there before you buy. Again the vast majority of titles will have all three formats available but if the format you want is not provided you can always contact me and I will make a copy in the missing format and email it to you. I am not saying that I will provide ebooks in whatever format you want, but I will send you a copy in any of the three supported formats if the download page for your purchase does not have all three formats available. The only exception to this is for the mobi file format.  A very few of the titles on my website are not compatible with mobi format. These titles are all heavily illustrated and were originally printed in a magazine style format. Magazine pages are much different than those in a paperback and I cannot make the page layout work within the restrictions imposed by mobi format so those titles are downloadable only in microsoft word and adobe acrobat formats.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Refunds are a possibility. I am a reasonable man and I want everyone to be happy with their purchase.  If you would like a refund just send me an email indicating what the situation is and why you feel a refund would be warranted. I will give every request my fullest consideration and will reply as soon as possible.

Q: What happens after I complete the checkout procedure? How do I download my ebooks?
A: When you complete checkout you are shown a summary of your order which will look similar to the image below. Notice the download links that appear below the title of each ebook. You can start downloading your order immediately using these links. I realize that the font of the download links is small and I am trying to change that. The download links are also sent to the buyer in an email that goes out automatically right as they complete checkout. The links in the email are in a more normal font. :-)


Q: Is this website PCI DSS Compliant?
A: Yes. More data will be added here once I get my new payment processing service online.

Q: My computer crashed and I lost all my ebooks. What can be done?
A: You're in luck. It is my policy that I will renew the download links for past orders upon request. This includes orders from years ago. So long as they are yours I will renew the download links and send them to you by email so you can download your ebooks again.  No payment is required for this. The way I see it you've already paid and I continue to appreciate your business ... even if it happened years ago I don't take it for granted.

Q: Should I create an account?
A: Yes. Create an account and make sure you're logged in with that account when you place an order. If you want to keep yourself anonymous just fill in the account details with fake information. I have no problem with that. I am not interested in knowing things about you that you don't want me to know. 

There are benefits to having an account .... the FAQ question right above this one illustrates one of the primary benefits. For those who have an account and place your orders under that account then if you should ever lose your ebooks it will be no problem at all for me to get a list of your past orders and renew the download links for you.  If you place your orders anonymously it will be more difficult for me to be sure I've found ALL of your orders should you ever need to download your ebooks again but I will try.