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Q: Do I have to create an account to place an order. 
A:  No, you can place an order without an account.  The Shopping cart will list the account for your order as "anonymous" but you will still have to provide enough personal information for your credit card charge to be approved and that information is stored with the order details.  The only real difference is that those who create an account will be able to go back and look at all of their previous orders easily because they will all be associated with the account they use.  This makes it easy to figure out if you have already purchased a particular ebook.  Also if you suffer a catastrophic computer failure and lose your entire ebook collection with no backup you can ask me to re-enable the download links for all of your old orders, enabling you to download every ebook from those orders again for free.  I can and will do this upon request for any order in the database so long as I am able to find the order.  Creating a single account and placing orders when you're logged in to that account makes it very easy for me to find your order history.  

Q: When I place an order on adultbookcovers.net what will I see on my credit card statement?
A:  It should look something like this:  

Of course yours will have the month and the day of the month in the place of MM/DD and instead of #0000 the # sign will be followed by the last four digits of your credit card number.  In the place of the long string of zeroes will be a unique transaction ID #.  

Q: What formats are your ebooks sold in?
A:  The vast majority of the ebooks sold here are available in 3 formats:

- Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
- Microsoft Word (DOC)
- Mobi format - Kindle Compatible (MOBI)

       At this time there is no indication of which formats any particular ebook is available in (sorry about that).  After you have purchased an ebook you are sent a link to a download page where you can download that title in any of the formats it is available in, but it's not possible to know which formats will be there before you buy.  Again the vast majority of titles will have all three formats available but if the format you want is not provided you can always contact me and I will make a copy in the missing format and email it to you.  I am not saying that I will provide ebooks in whatever format you want, but I will send you a copy in any of the three supported formats if the download page for your purchase does not have all three formats available.


Q:  How can I contact the administrator of adultbookcovers.net? 
A:   You can initiate contact using the Contact Us link on the left side of the page.  I will reply by email and after that you can feel free to send replies or initiate new contacts via email.  To minimize the amount of spam in my inbox I prefer not to post my email address here but you'll have my email address when I reply to your contact and can feel free to send email directly to me in the future if you want.

Q:  What happens after I complete the checkout procedure?  How do I download my ebooks
A:   When you complete checkout you are shown a summary of your order which will look similar to the image below.  Notice the download links that appear below the title of each ebook.  You can start downloading your order immediately using these links.  I realize that the font of the download links is small and I'm trying to change that.  The download links are also sent to the buyer in an email that goes out automatically right as they complete checkout.  The links in the email are in a more normal font.  :-)


Q: Is this website PCI DSS Compliant?
A: Yes. Our PCI compliance is regularly monitored by Trustwave.com. Click on the image to verify our present status.