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An Unholy Lust by C Van Marcus - Ebook

An Unholy Lust by C Van Marcus - Ebook

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"You are going to get it good from me tonight baby. I've been thinking about this since you left, so I had other women but it didn't mean that I didn't want you a lot of the time ... hell what could I do, you with a fucking paint brush always in your hand. Oh Randy, my work, my work, shit, that's all I heard for months. Well, baby, a man gets sick and tired of that bullshit." She felt his hungry hands unhooking her brassiere now, his hot greedy hands clutching and pummeling at her breasts.

Desperately Julie cast her eyes around the room, she couldn't believe that Randy was fondling her this way in front of everyone. Yet, no-one seemed to notice, they were all too busily engaged in their own sexual pursuits. Most of the girls were completely naked now, she could see lots of erect penises and one girl even had her mouth plunged over the man of her choice. Julie was repulsed and pulled her eyes away. She looked into Randy's face now and read raw-desire. She looked at Tim and his face was contorted with the same kind of lust. Oh no ... she thought not a gangbang, not me!

Randy and Tim pulled her to her feet now, her skirt was pulled off, Randy hooked his fingers into the waistband of her sheer panties and pulled them down over her hips.

"Man, thanks for letting us join in," grinned Tim.

"Don't mention it buddy, I told you the more the merrier!" grinned Randy lewdly.

Julie was beside herself now and tried to cover her body with her hands but to no avail. "Randy please, why are you doing this?" she pleaded.

"To teach you a lesson baby. If you had given me a little more time instead of your fucking canvases, we wouldn't have drifted so far apart. A man wants his woman at home, ready and willing to fuck whenever he wants it!"

The lights were suddenly turned up in the room and the movie was over so that Julie could be seen clearly crouching on the floor. She looked up to see that Pete was already stripped to his shorts. Then she looked back to her husband as he lowered his shorts to expose the massively solid length of his cock. "Okay baby, you can suck me off for a start," he growled. "You've never done it for me baby and I want it."

Julie thought she would die, yet she knew that she was trapped. Her husband's blood-bloated cock wavered in front of her face, she felt her body begin to quiver in spite of herself. Oh God! no, she thought to herself, can it be that I actually want this kind of humiliation? Am I trying to punish myself for some reason?

"Randy can't we do this alone," she sobbed.

"No ...!" screamed Randy, "I want you to do it in front of everyone."

"Oh God! thought Julie to herself. He's sick, he must be deranged!

"I said NOW Julie, start sucking my cock!" He grasped the hardened shaft of his penis and pressed it against Julie's lips. "Start sucking, now!"

At that moment Julie felt Tim and Pete's hands begin to caress and fondle her body, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, sliding down her flanks and over the round smoothness of her buttocks. Then she felt Pete's hand creep down over the flat plane of her belly and down to the lighting curling blonde hair of her pussy. Then, his outstretched middle finger was going down into the rapidly heating furrow of her cunt. His finger made lewdly stimulating contact with the hardening bud of her clitoris, and unwanted sparks of passion began to kindle in her ... and, always there was the softly caressing hands of Tim upon her breasts.

Julie mewled moaningly, the sound coming from deep in her chest as the fire in her loins spread, making her feel as though her whole body were engulfed in flames of desire, as below, Pete stimulated her pussy, his fingers sliding into her moistly heated vaginal opening. In her mouth she could feel her husband's thick cock lurch expandingly against her sucking lips.

"Allright baby, that's enough!" she heard Randy mutter. "Get down on all fours now!"

Abjectly, she obeyed. Pete's fingers came out of her cuntal orifice, as she moved into the new obscene position. Her husband was kneeling behind her now, his hands reaching down to spread the white globes of her smoothly rounded buttocks wide apart. She was sure that he was only going to enter her from the rear, fuck her dog fashion. They had done that many times.

"Now," she heard him grunt, "I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do ... and you'd never let me!"

"Wh-what ...?" she twisted her head to look around at him, saw the lewd smile on his face as he gazed raptly at her exposed anal opening.

"You're going to get fucked in the ass!"

"N-no! Oh God, noooooo!"

She jerked forward away from him, trying desperately to rise to her feet.

"Hold her, damn it," Randy commanded to Tim and Pete.

They grabbed her and forced her to kneel quietly on hands and knees while her husband came in behind her again, his now cruel hands grasping at her ass-cheeks and spreading them wide.

She shivered with chilling fear as she felt the hot bloated head of her husband's penis slide into the crevice of her ass to press against the undefended and vulnerable opening of her anus. There was some excruciating pressure against the virginal orifice. It hurt. It hurt like hell! She moaned again like a trapped animal. "Nooooooo!"

Behind her, Randy shoved hard, and sweat popped out on his brow. It hurt him, too, but he was determined. He was going to fuck his smart- ass wife right in the ass. He was going to have this victory over her ... for once in their life he was going to take the limelight!

"Ooooooooooh, God, Randy, you're splitting me apart," she groaned through tear-dimmed eyes.

"First time always hurts baby, after that I'll be able to fuck you in the ass at the drop of a hat!"

Randy flexed his legs powerfully, and the mushroom shaped tip of his brutalizing cock slipped part way into the dry, stoutly resisting hole of her anus. "Aaaaaaaiiiiigh!"

Suddenly, his stiffened rod popped through the sphincter muscles, and the whole of his cock-head disappeared inside her rectum, stretching it with agonizing pain that made her want to retch.

Her mouth opened in a tormented scream as the almost unbearable agony of it permeated her loins. Just at that moment a man she didn't even know guided the lust-swollen head of his cock into her wide-open mouth. Her scream was muffled in her throat, and when she closed her jaws it was around the surprising presence of hardened man-flesh. Her first reaction was one of revulsion. She wanted to bite it off. Her teeth did nip at it, but the man held her head between his hands and groused at her. "Careful, baby-doll! Just suck at Jim's cock nice and easy!" Carefully, she covered her teeth with her lips and tentatively ran her tongue around the glans of his bloated penis, tasting its tangy flavor in spite of her pain.

She froze then, afraid to move, as behind her, her husband shoved harder, and at least another two inches of his cock slid up into the spongy flesh of her anal opening. At the same time, one of the men kneeling beside her -- was it Tim? -- slid his hand up the curvaceous softness of her inner thighs, his hands massaging at her rapidly stimulating pussy. Then, only moments later, she felt his finger on the short, hard and sensitive bud of her sexual being, caressing up and down the miniature phallus. Surprisingly the fiery glow in her loins had not been killed by the agonizing pain in her backside; on the contrary, everything was heightened. Sex thrills sped along her nerve endings ... even in tortured tissues of her rectum. God! How she longed to have the thick hardness of just one of those cocks surrounding her pounding up into the hot depths of her cunt. Then another hand slid its way over the soft cringing moons of a buttock, it was Pete, she was pretty sure of that. His extended middle finger toyed there at the now hungrily opening entrance to her vagina before going into her vaginal orifice to revolve around and around in great circles just inside the coral mouth. Then there were two fingers and finally three that sawed in and out of her pussy like a thick, substitute cock.

Then, automatically her loins were moving against the inciting fingers inside her cuntal passage, but every move only served to bury her husband's punishing cudgel all the deeper up into her resisting rear passage. All of a sudden with a loud smack, Randy had thrust with all his might to bury the whole turgid length of his cock up inside her warm, soft and completely defenseless rectum. He remained motionless as he expanded it deep inside her. it still hurt ... but now there was something else happening to her. Her anal muscles were relaxing, accommodating the unnatural presence, and the pain was being replaced with an unbelievably intense desire, a desire for all to go on and on.

Behind her, gloating in his carnal victory over her, Randy mumbled, "Now Julie, you're going to get what's coming to you!" Lewdly, he began to saw in and out of her, his cock boring deep up into the smooth sponginess of her now fully relaxed rectum.

Randy's fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back and forth, his hard, expanding cock going in and out of her like a powerful piston. Already, she felt raw and tender back there, however, it seemed to be bearable only because of Pete's fingers fucking in and out of her inflamed pussy. God! why doesn't he use his cock? She had to have it ... had to have Pete's long, rock-hard penis in her cunt, fucking her the right way. And obviously, Randy didn't seem to mind either Pete or Tim, in fact they were behaving like the oldest of friends.

Desperately, she twisted her head aside and cleared her mouth of Jim's thick rod of flesh. Mewingly, she gasped, "Oh God ... fuck me! Fuck me the right way! In my cunt ... t-too."

"No, baby! You're going to get it like this, first!" Randy grunted.

"Hey man, you heard her. She wants a cock in her cunt, too!" It was Tim's voice.

"Back off Tim, this is my show," Randy growled.

"Not anymore, buddy," Pete sneered, withdrawing his hand now from his titillation of her clitoris.

"Turn her over. I'm going to fuck her in the cunt!" Pete's voice was flinty.

"Like hell you will!"

"We will ... even if we have to pull you off your own wife!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh, wouldn't we? Just try us!"

Suddenly alarmed, Randy realized that he didn't really know the two men he was fighting with, perhaps they were tougher than he was, besides there were two of them. Maybe he'd better go a little easier.

"A-all right, you win ..." Randy said, "She'll get it double."

"Triple!" Jim added.

"That's right. Triple!" It was Tim speaking. "Only, I'm the third one! Move your ass out of there!"

For the first time Julie realized what was going to happen to her. She had wanted a cock in her cunt but she hadn't anticipated this! They going to f-fuck me in every one of my openings ... at the same time!

Her husband wrapped his arms around her torso and rolled heavily to his side, taking her with him; then as he went on over to his back, hands grasped her and straightened her out on top of him, her smooth hollowed back pressing down against his belly and chest, her legs splayed out obscenely on the outside of his own while his huge, pulsing cock still lay deeply imbedded far up in the heated confines of her anus. She was hopelessly skewered and completely helpless to resist as Pete crawled between her widespread thighs and grinned down into her face, lewd desire for her in his eyes. His legs spread hers even farther apart, and as she looked down through the deep valley between her soft mounded breasts, she saw that he was, indeed, aiming his hard, pulse-throbbing cock at the moist, pressure-stretched mouth of her open cunt.

"Ooooooh! M-myyyyy Godddd!" Julie groaned as she felt the enormous shaft of his cock go deeply into her in a rush, thrusting until his sperm-bloated testicles slapped up hard against the cruelly stretched cheeks of her buttocks where her husband's thick rod was buried equally as deeply in the dark channel of her backside. She winced now, not so much with the pain, which was subsiding but with a deep sense of humiliation, sandwiched as she was between two virile men who skewered her without mercy in both of the openings of her loins. It wasn't what she wanted ... what she had asked for!

Now, both heated cocks were pounding into her, Pete from above, slamming down into her cunt and Randy stretched out beneath her, boring deep up into her rectum. She could feel them each plainly as they filled her to capacity with fiery man-flesh.

Momentarily, she had forgotten about Tim, but now he was there at her side, curled around hers and Randy's heads on his side, and he was turning her head where it rested in the hollow of her husband's shoulder.

"Here you are Julie," Tim grunted. "This'll make it three at once!"

Julie resisted for a moment, trying to turn her face away from him, but his fingers entwined in her hair to pull her head back into the position he wanted while his other hand probed at her lips to force her mouth open. The smooth rubbery tip, all shiny red and pulsing with his lewd desire, teased against her lips. Resigned now to the inevitable, she rounded her lips and allowed him to slide the massively turgid length of his cock into the moist warm saliva of her mouth. It went into her oral cavern the full length, filling her cheeks completely with its fleshy hardness. She gasped for breath as its tip probed deep into her throat.

Tim held her face firmly in place by his tight grip on her hair and began to fuck brutally into her mouth, choking her and bruising her lips as the full length of him dove in and out between her tightening lips. She struggled to breathe and found that she could barely get a gasping breath only on the outstrokes. Dimly, she was aware of faces around her, faces showing salacious desire, their eyes watching the lewd use to which she was being put. There were mumbled remarks and observations, most of them involving what he, or she would do when his or her turn came. Julie realized with horror that almost everyone had stopped their own fucking sessions to witness hers!

She moaned around Tim's hard-driving cock with the realization that she was being used like some cheap, street-walking whore ... that she was being humiliated, debased and debauched, and it seemed as if it had been going on for eons of time already. However, the very thought of three men -- one of them her husband, Randy, fucking her so brutally at each of her bodily openings began to excite her even more lewdly. There was a strange hunger in her. It surged through her body and mind, an incongruous delight with what was happening to her.

Again, she groaned, her lips tightening hungrily around Tim's throbbing cock fucking deep into her mouth and throat, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked at it with salacious delight, her tongue swirling around and around it, touching the rigid shaft with increased pleasure and lapping voraciously at the pulsing head while below, her loins worked on oiled bearings, her buttocks moving up and down against her husband's cock pounding up into her nakedly defenseless anus. From above, she absorbed Pete Howard's deeply gouging penis into the fire-scorched channel of her pussy. All she wanted then was more, more and more of it!

Nothing else mattered. Her mind was a blank to everything but those marvelously long, thick and hard cocks fucking her, and she was enveloped in a wild ecstasy she had never before known. Crazily, she moved with them, wanting it to go on and on, yet wanting it to end of the most wonderful orgasm of her life. Th-three cocks ... all at one time ... and they're going to c-cum in me! Oh dear God! Oooooh!

Yes! That's what she wanted. She wanted Tim's cum to jet into her mouth ... dribble down her throat in never-ending streams. She could almost taste the cum already ... and below, Pete's cock would explode in her cunt, flooding her, filling her with white-hot semen while beneath her, her husband's obscene fucking of her anus would result in his hosing hot streams of cum deep up into her rectum. Idly, she wondered just how that would feel. Instinctively, she knew that it would be soon.

Already, she could feel Tim's cock bloating in her mouth, and she sucked and tongued at it with wild, ecstatic abandon. Oh, cum ... cum ... cum Tim!

He did. His cock burst like a hose under too much pressure, shooting hot streams of creamy white semen deep into her throat. Her cheeks bloated, and she swallowed desperately to keep from gagging as continuing jets of his cum spewed endlessly into her mouth. She heard Tim's moaning gasp of pleasure, and she gulped and swallowed voraciously, not wanting to waste even a drop of his precious life- liquid. Even as she swallowed though, several tiny droplets of his white viscous cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

Julie felt an acute disappointment when Tim rolled away from her, releasing his grip on her hair as his deflating cock pulled limply, moistly from between her still sucking lips. Thin sticky filaments of his warm, white semen stretched and finally broke as they trailed from her lips to the head of his rapidly shrinking penis. Avidly she watched it; then just beyond Tim's collapsed form she saw Jim and the girl with whom he had been sprawling on the mattress earlier. She was on her knees, facing Julie, her face a picture of lust, as kneeling behind her, Jim also watching, was thrusting his cock deep into her tight little pussy, fucking her animal-like. His face too was reflecting the fact that he was going to cum almost any moment

Jim caught her gaze. He blurted. "Christ! I couldn't wait any longer!" His hair covered loins slap-slapped up against the girl's raised obscenely rotating buttocks.

Sandwiched between Pete and her husband, Julie was crazed now with a feral wildness she never suspected in herself as she fucked back at the two cocks jackhammering into her ever faster and faster.

"Fuck me ... hard!" she gasped. "Fuuucccckkk meeeee! Split me in two! Oh God! Keep it up ... just like this. Forever ... and ever!"

She was in an uncontrolled frenzy now. Nothing else meant anything except the lustful rapture of it all, and she knew that within moments it would all explode inside her.

"Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Cum! Cum!" she chanted, the moist slippery wails of her contracting cunt and rectum both squeezing and contracting rhythmically like the sucking mouths of babes around the twin battering rams ravishing her loins.

Then Pete slaving above her began to mouth obscenities, his cock slamming up into her with bone-crushing power, and she knew that he was cumming.

"Aaaaaauuuugggghhh! Christ! I'm going to fill your hot little cunt with cum, baby! Oh baby! That's it! UUUUUggghhh!"

... And suddenly, Julie convulsed between them, her body writhing uncontrollably as her own orgasm culminated in her, all of her senses deadened to all but the wonderfully ecstatic sensations that surged through her body, and she felt the expanding shaft of Pete's cock as it began to spurt his hot white semen deep up into the clasping channel of her cunt. Then he stiffened over her, his cock jerking in the moistness of her pussy as it flooded his semen into her. She felt every delightful lurch and was aware of her own involuntary milking muscles.

As from a great distance, she heard her own bansee waiI of completion. Aaaaaauuuuuggghhh! I'm cummmmminnnnng!"

Beneath her, Randy was only seconds behind them. Now, his massive rod was exploding deep in the forever-stretched passage of her anus. Gushes of his semen flooded hotly up into her belly. Then all three were quiet, relaxed, collapsed in on each other, and there was no sound in the room except the tortured breathing of three sets of lungs. Silently and with a certain sense of awe at what they had just witnessed, the circle of lust-incited men and women moved in on her as Pete heaved himself from on top of her and rolled away completely satiated.

They lifted her from on top of her husband, Randy, and before she knew what was happening, two strange men had stretched out on either side of her, their hands caressing her, cupping up the velvety smooth mounds of her soft breasts and tweaking the still hard nipples with their thumbs and forefingers.

Someone trailed caressing hands down over her belly. Groggily, Julie looked down to see that it was one of the girls, her breasts hanging down like full ripe pears from her chest, as she crawled on all fours up between Julie's white curving thighs, her eyes locked on the blonde hair-covered pussy that only moments before was filled with the enormous mass of Pete's penis.

The red-head pried Julie's thighs apart gently, "Mmmmmmmmnn! That's nice!" she mewled deep in her throat. "Now I'm going to lick you all hot again."

Julie didn't object, didn't resist as her thighs were splayed wide and the hot, electric contact of the girl's tongue sent new sensations thrilling through her.

"Oooooooh, yes! Oh God, yes! Do it! Lick my cunt! God!" she moaned. "I want everything! Everything!"

She got it.

Julie actually lost count, there was no way that she could keep count. She was stimulated and fucked, and fucked again by every young virile man there as well as having engaged in several lesbian acts, licking and being licked. It went on and on until Julie had no idea of time or space ... all there were in her universe were cocks and cunts and cocks and cunts.

She felt strangely alive and different now, it was almost as if she were filled with superhuman strength, she felt that she could go on and on forever, that she would never tire, her pussy seemed to have an endless source of delight locked away in it, no sooner had one man finished stimulating her than another would come and it would begin all over again.

And then she was suddenly back again at the beginning, everyone seemed to have faded away and the familiar faces of her husband Randy, and her lovers Pete and Tan loomed before her satiated eyes.

"Ready for us again, baby," Randy grinned. "Pete, Tim and I have been talking and we've decided that we make it good together, how about another roll?"

Julie looked proudly at her husband, now she had no anger in her heart for him she realized that she had been so involved in her own artistic career that she had sadly neglected him. She didn't blame him at all any longer for the orgy, she was happy she felt that she had learned a truly meaningful lesson. From now on she would always share and always be available for her husband, no matter what he wanted to do with her. She was his, his entirely and she was Pete's too as well as Tim's woman. Obviously Randy didn't care, he probably would be introducing her soon to his other girlfriends, why couldn't they share that way, it would make them closer as a couple and they could only grow from their loving, She felt freed, liberated from her old ideas of sexual morality, it hadn't made either she or Randy very happy and she suspected it hadn't made many of the other people in the room happy either. It was all too confining, this business of one and one together for ever, without any other energy along the way ... it was too easy for love to become stale that way, much too easy. She would never let that happen to she and Randy again, she would always make sure that he got what he wanted ... always!

"Yes," she grinned lewdly at her three favourite sexual partners, "I'm ready, I'm really good and ready!"

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