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The Backdoor Lovers by Sue Varian - Ebook

The Backdoor Lovers by Sue Varian - Ebook

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"Millicent kissed me on the mouth and said, 'I just love to love.'

"As we French-kissed, I opened her blouse and caressed those large tits. She turned to me and pressed her chest against my hands harder. Christ, there's enough there for five hands. God, is she built.

"Her hand moved to my crotch and began to fondle my hard on. I was sucking on her tongue like mad, breathing like a bull in heat. I slipped off her blouse and cupped one of those succulent breasts to my mouth, taking the nipple full into my hungry mouth, sucking on the large swollen pink mound. Her nipple tasted sweet and delicious, like a tender flower bud.

"Millicent squirmed and moaned as I kissed and sucked the hard nipple. 'Oh, I love it,' she moaned. 'Suck it good, honey ... suck it good ... that's it honey ... suck me good ...'

"I couldn't take any more stimulation with my clothes on. I wanted to be completely nude, to feel her hands on my naked penis and to feel her thighs and ass. I straightened up and removed my pants and shirt. Standing in my underwear, I reached down and slipped off Millicent's skirt and panties.

"She sat, slumped in the corner of the sofa, breathing heavy, waiting for me to return to her hot tits. I quickly jerked off my shorts and undershirt, throwing them across the room with a wild wave of my arm. She reached up and took a firm grip on my prick. I sat down again and resumed my sucking of her sumptuous breast.

"As she squeezed my prick, my other hand slid down, rubbing her tummy, then down further to her pubic hairs. The mound was high and fluffy with thick hair covering her wet vagina lips. My finger moved into her sopping crevice, dipping into her sex fluids. I moved my fingers up and down the wet slit, brushing her clitoris firmly with each pass. This made her squirm more and groan. Her hips were pumping up and down, back and forth, sideways, in circles ... she was going wild with stimulation, not knowing which way to thrust her ass next.

"I picked up Millicent and carried her to my bed. I put her down gently on the satin sheets. The overhead red light threw beautiful shadows across her body, accentuating all her curves.

"I lowered myself on top of her and resumed playing with her breasts, then I slid my body down, kissing her tummy, while twisting and flipping her nipples. I moved off of her, then turned her body so she faced away from me and I moved in so that my prick was against her plump ass.

"My hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her tightly to me. With my right hand I rubbed the wet fleshy interior of her vagina lips, causing Millicent to squirm once more and moan loudly. My fingers grazed her clitoris with increasing frequency, as my hips jabbed forward, poking my prick into her ass crack little by little.

"Now my fingers fell upon her clitoris and massaged it from every angle. I fondled that little stiff flesh as Millicent jerked and thrashed her voluptuous ass against my prick, making my stiff organ poke against her tight brown anus.

"She squirmed and writhed from the intense caressing of her clitoris ... banging her ass against me again and again. My prick swelled and pulsed inside of her lovely ass cheeks ... it was surrounded by her soft spongy ass flesh ... the warmth and sexiness made me even more excited.

" 'Oh, Jesus!' she yelled, 'you're setting me on fire! Oh, Christ, Freddy, your magic hands are making me burn up! Ohhhhhhh ... my God ... I oh, shit, Freddy ... ooooooh, aaaahhh! Oh, fuck it! Oh, shit you're driving me wild! Goddamn ... oh, fuck ... '

"Quickly, I took my hand away from her clitoris and applied some of my saliva to my throbbing prick. Then I felt my way again into her wet pussy lips and began to pinch her sex button, all the while poking my wet prick against her anus.

"Millicent kept up her torrent of passionate raving as her ass and my prick poked at each other. Finally, I gripped her voluptuous hips firmly and pressed my hard on into her tight ass opening. Her ass squeezed with a pulsing rhythm around the head of my prick. My brain was spinning with desire and lust. I bit into her shoulder, sucking the flesh deep into my mouth. Millicent moaned from the pain-pleasure of the bite.

"At the same time I plunged my prick deep into her beautiful ass, feeling the tightness press all around my stiff prick. I was in heaven! Her hot body surrounded my prick and made me feel one with her. My entire prick was entombed in that snug hole ... buried deep in the warmth of her body, that gorgeous body which excited me just to look at.

"Her bulbous cheeks pressed against my pubic area and lower abdomen, stimulating the tingling nerves there. My fingers pressed harder on her clitoris as I withdrew my prick a little and then plunged it in to the hilt, enjoying the pleasure of her soft plump cheeks. Those two globes of sex, their warmth and smoothness caressed my body while her insides caressed my burning hot prick.

"I withdrew slightly again, careful not to let my dick slip out and plunged harder, banging against her big ass, making a smacking noise. She moaned louder. My fingers were flipping her clitoris back and forth, pinching and tweaking the little hot spot while Millicent thrashed her hips within my grasp. My hard prick jerked and pulled in every direction.

"We both were moaning loudly, pounding our bodies in abandon. Millicent began to yell louder and then she screamed, 'I'm coming! Jesus, I'm coming!'

"That was enough to set me off and I made one final shove, burying my prick deep into her twitching body. My prick exploded like a cannon, her ass clenched my prick, not wanting it to move away. This extra pressure sent my orgasm soaring like skyrockets and colored sparks, explosion after explosion racking my body.

"Millicent screamed out loudly as she orgasmed, her lovely body wrenched and jerked against me.

"Then there was stillness. We lay panting, moaning and gasping for air. I stayed with my prick inside her wonderful ass for a long time, petting her thighs and pressing my hand over her pubic area to soothe her twitching flesh.

"My prick had shrunk now so that it slipped out from the tight grasp of her asshole. It was held between the two beautiful cheeks of that sexy ass. I continued to pet and soothe her sweet body.

"After a while, I backed away and took her into my arms, resting her head on my chest.

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